Prallethrin Mode of action, Toxicity, Side effects, Safety

Prallethrin is a chemical compound used for killing insects. Prallethrin is an insecticide. It is also known as pyrethroid insecticide. It is available in the form of 1.6% w/w liquid vaporizer. It works by repelling the insects i.e. normally used in homes as mosquito repellent. It is available in market with the brand name “goodnight silver power” and “all out”. It is also widely used to kill wasps and hornets along with their nests as a primary insecticide. It is also a main product of insect killing spray named “hot shot ant and roach plus germ killer” spray.

Prallethrin Mode of Action/Mechanism

The Prallethrin is an insecticide and its mode of action resembles the activity of killing the insects. Pyrethroid are the excitoxins and axonic. These two have the toxic effects which are passed on via avoiding the closure of sodium voltage gated ion channels present in the axonal membrane. The axonal membrane contains the sodium channels on its surface having protein nature. The membrane channel is have a hydrophilic interior. The above mentioned is the mode of action of Prallethrin by which the drug acts to control the pests and repel the mosquito in home on daily basis.

Prallethrin Mode of action, Toxicity, Side effects, Safety

Prallethrin Side effects

The Prallethrin is an effective insecticide but it also produces side effects along with some benefits. The common side effects it produces are enlisted below. Some of the Prallethrin medicines produces side effects and often they become severe. The side effects contain:

  • Allergy in respiratory tract
  • Skin disease i.e. contact dermatitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Sneezing
  • Scratch in throat may occur.
  • Edema in mucosal membrane

The side effects are not only limited to the conditions mentioned above but also some other side effects may be produce. Some of the side effects listed above occur rarely but to the severe level.

Prallethrin Toxicity

The prallethrin have many therapeutic effects and the therapeutic level is high and have very low level of toxicity in humans. It is mostly used in the field of agriculture and house hold insect killing. The pyrethroid which is the active ingredient of the prallethrin tablet is about 2250 times more toxic on insects as compare to humans. The insects have increased sensitivity of voltage gated sodium channels against prallethrin. The toxicity of the prallethrin causes the following effects on the human body. It causes nausea, vomiting and pain in abdomen within a few minutes after ingestion of prallethrin.

Prallethrin Safety

The use of prallethrin requires some safety precautions while using the product. Before the use of prallethrin product, please ensure that you do not have any kind of allergy associated with prallethrin. The person should also follow the instructions given on the product like avoid exposure to skin and eyes, do not inhale the mist or gas and do not swallow etc. Though, it is less toxic to humans but as a precaution care must taken to avoid accidental inhalation, exposure or ingestion.
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