Reactive depression Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Reactive depression is the kind of mental illness which is related to stress. It is a depression which covers the mental condition of the patient and usually occurs from the stressful life or an unforgettable incident like divorce, being jobless or due to loss of family member. Normally these events have impact on human life for about 2 to 4 months and then person try to get back to life. But in case of reactive depression, the patient is not able to recover from this stressful phase of depression. In reactive depression last for about 6 months and longer.

Reactive depression Symptoms

The reactive depression show symptoms after about 3 month of the stressful incident. Main symptoms it causes are the reckless behavior and self-destructive behavior. Patient show anti-social behavior. Patient is not able to perform regular activities in life like in school and at home. Patient is not able to concentrate clearly on the activities in life like paying bills and house work etc. Symptoms related to the emotional depression include overwhelming, anxiety, hopelessness and extreme feelings of desperation. Patient may fall back to the phase of sadness and cannot come out of it.

Reactive depression Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Reactive depression Causes

Reactive depression may occur due to many reasons like any unforgettable incident in life, sudden death of a family member, breakup from a loved one, stressful life and divorce kind of incidents. Patient is not able to forget the incident and keep remembering it. It is most commonly found in women as compare to men. Abusive relationship and hardships in life also cause the relative depression in patients. Above mentioned causes are the main causes reported behind the reactive depression as the elongation of time of recovery from depression is the reactive depression.

Reactive depression Treatment

The reactive depression is commonly found mental illness and about every person pass through this relative depression for once in a lifetime. Reactive depression is easy to treat as compare to other depressions. Medication therapy along with some lifestyle modification are recommended for patient with relative depression. In medication therapy anti-anxiety and anti-depressants are prescribed. Medications are tapered when the depression is once treated. Counseling with patient is also helpful in treating the patient with reactive depression. Patient is asked to take self-care as it also helps in recovery of patient.

Reactive depression Test

The reactive depression is the type of depression which can be diagnosed by symptoms it shows after 3 months. State of reactive depression can be tested by observing the behavior of the patient during different phases and time. Patient himself can test his depression level via filling a counseling form available online on the website of google. the form is like a questionnaire having questions about routine activities and some psychological questions to check the level of relative depression. Activities of the patient while going through different phases of life also show the reactive depression.
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