Premature Junctional Complex Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Premature junctional complex is defined as a premature beat of heart which arises within AV node from an ectopic focus. Spontaneous depolarization occurs because of pace maker group which is present in conduction system. The depolarization intensity is high at sinoatrial node and low at ventricle I.e. travel downward. Subsidiary pace makers generate ectopic impulses which are suppressed due to rapid conduction of impulses. So, when ectopic focus depolarize a bit early than usual ( I.e. before arrival of next impulse), it can lead to premature contraction by capturing ventricle.

Premature contractions are ectopics which is classified on the basis of its origin i.e. atrial origin (PAC), junctional origin (PJC) and ventricle origin (PVC). Premature junctional ectopic is less common as compared to other two types. Electro cardio gram shows narrow QRS complex. The narrowing occurs either due to abnormal preceding P wave or preceding P wave is not involved.

In case of abnormal preceding P wave, the usual PRI will be 0.12 seconds or less. The premature beat arises early than it would be expected. It Generates before next sinus impulse. A compensatory pause occurs right after premature beat. The rate of the generating beat is within normal range.

Premature Junctional Complex Symptoms

Premature junctional complex is an asymptomatic condition. No visible signs are present. Electro cardio gram is the only diagnostic tool. Sometimes patient can feel if a beat is skipped. Palpitations may occur. When there will be decreased atrial kick, the cardiac output will also decrease which is a visible sign. In rare cases, atria and ventricle contract at a time simultaneously. This Combined contraction is termed as synchronous contraction. Synchronous contraction of both atria and ventricle can lead to disturbed pulsations in the neck region. And these disturbed pulsations can be easily seen visually.

Premature Junctional Complex Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Premature Junctional Complex Causes

Premature junctional complex can occur due to abnormality in depolarization. Depolarization arises from His purkinje system. Some factors which triggers depolarization involve alcohol consumption, excessive tobacco use and other stimulants of adrenergic system. The occurrence of junctional ectopics is rare as compare to atrial and ventricle ectopics. It is sometimes associated with heart diseases like cardiac failure, valve diseases, ACS and toxic use of digitalis. If premature junctional complex occurs occasionally, then the cause is insignificant. If it occurs frequently, then tachycardia of junctional ectopics may be the reason. Because beat generate earlier than usual before arrival of sinus impulse.

Premature Junctional Complex Treatment

If premature junctional complex show symptoms, then treatment is required for the underlying disease. Usually beta adrenergic antagonists are used in case of adrenergic stimulation is the reason. Calcium channel antagonists are also used. If premature junctional complex occurs occasionally, then treatment is not necessarily required. But if frequent premature junctional complex occurs, immediate diagnosis and treatment is required. Basically no treatment is designed for premature junctional complex, treating the underlying cause will automatically treat this condition. As this condition is usually asymptomatic, so no medications are prescribed to relief symptoms.
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