Kidner Procedure Definition, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Cost

Kidner procedure is a surgery which is performed to remove an extra bone from foot. The bone to be removed in patients is named as accessory navicular bone. This bone is not present in all people but only a few are born with this extra bone. It is only removed if there is any injury or pain in this abnormal bone. Accessory navicular is considered a prominent abnormal bone which is present in the inner side of foot.

Accessory navicular bone is attached to a tendon , so during surgery, the damaged or inflamed bone is removed by making an incision, and then the tendon attached to accessory navicular bone is directly attached to the normal navicular bone. It is considered a minor surgical operation and not difficult at all. The tendon attached to it is posterior tibial tendon. If accessory navicular bone do not cause any pain or disturbance, then kidner procedure is not necessary. It is only recommended in case of pain and damaged or inflamed accessory navicular bone. As any kind of problem with this abnormal accessory navicular bone can be resolved only with kidner procedure so it is the only treatment option.

Kidner Procedure Definition, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Cost

Kidner Procedure Recovery

Talking about recovery after kidner procedure, it depends upon the patient and the severity of condition of accessory navicular bone. It also depends upon the care of foot. Usually the recovery time recorded is 9 weeks to 2 months. In initial 0 to 6 months, in case of cast boot patient is advised to remain immobilized and must not put weight on foot. Then in next 6 to 10 weeks, the patient is asked to try to increase activity. Physical therapy should accompany for fast recovery and full recovery is achieved after 9 weeks or 2 months when patient is back to his routine activities.

Kidner Procedure Rehabilitation

There is a designed rehabilitation protocol for accessory navicular bone. It includes 2 main goals in 1st 28 days i.e. pain management and prevent swelling. Tasks include straight leg raise, elevation, short arc quad SAQ, crutches use which is non weight bearing. In next 4 to 8 weeks, the main goal is full DF /PF. The tasks involved is, use of crutches, cam walker, mini squats, wall squats and full gym. In next 8 to 12 weeks, main goal is to achieve normal gait and symmetrical range of motion ROM. Like wise after 6 months , goal is to get back to work.

Kidner Procedure Cost

Cost is a variable factor which varies from place to place. At some places, the cost for kidner procedure is very much high that an average person can't afford. As it is a rare surgery, so it also affects it's cost. When the bone is inflammed or damaged, then it is a very sensitive process to remove it safely from foot without spreading of infection. Cost also varies according to the surgeon and hospitals. Some high standard hospitals charge more and offer a costly kidner procedure as compared to a local hospital as they offer a bit cheaper kidner process.
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