Deep Pressure Therapy for Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Dogs

Deep pressure therapy is an input of pressure applied equally across the body. The pressure is applied in a tactical way. Deep pressure therapy can be administered in many ways and the commonest examples are hugs, swaddling, squeezing and stroking. In actual, deep pressure therapy DPT works on our senses. As senses are responsible for taking messages to the brain and then brain filters them. In case of deep pressure therapy all the senses are under deep external pressure and brain is receiving messages continuously. As a result it is not easy for nervous system to calm down but deep pressure therapy is considered a source of relaxation of nervous system.

Deep Pressure Therapy DPT For Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common disease growing now a days. And deep pressure therapy is in Trend to treat anxiety of patients. It can be easily explained with an example of a baby. When we roll a baby in a blanket from all sides firmly to make him relax like wise a mature person go through deep pressure therapy to get mentally relax. Researchers gave information about deep pressure therapy that it increases the level of happy hormones. Happy hormones are serotonin and dopamine which increases 28 percent and 31 percent respectively.

Deep Pressure Therapy for Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Dogs

Deep Pressure Therapy DPT For Autism

Autism is a condition in which person face difficulty in speech, repetitive speech, social skills challenges and in non verbal communication. Deep pressure therapy is not considered a treatment plan for autism. But it is only used to make patient relax. Deep pressure therapy helps to depress nervous system for a time so that the person suffering from autism get relaxed and does not take much stress while talking. Deep pressure therapy relax patient for some time not for a longer time duration.

Deep Pressure Therapy DPT For ADHD

ADHD is the abbreviation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this disease, children are hyper active and are not able to focus on one thing properly for a defined time. Their impulses are uncontrollable and they face difficulty in paying attention. So deep pressure therapy is administered to make these patient mentally relax because it is a sensory processing issue. For the purpose of administration of deep pressure therapy in ADHD children, a weighted blanket is used for applying pressure. The blanket is 10 percent of child's body weight helps in compression of body sensory receptors.

Deep Pressure Therapy DPT For Dogs

Service dogs are trained for deep pressure therapy. Service dogs have enough weight to apply pressure on the person and they are well trained. Dogs not only apply weight but sometimes provide warmth to the person. They are trained to lie on the lap of person and wrap around him. If person is lying on floor or bed, dogs will lie on their back or on their chest and provide deep pressure therapy with their weight and warmth. It is the favorite strategy of people to calm down and minimize the disengagement from the world.
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