Piezogenic Papules Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

These are the skin colored small papules which are formed on the wrist and feet. These papules are soft on touch. These papules occur due to herniation of the fats under skin i.e. in the dermis layer of skin. The name piezogenic is derived from the papules which are formed under pressure. There is not any specific gender or age at which these papules occur. As these are the fat papules so these are common in person who are obese and have excessive fat around body. Piezogenic papules are also somehow associated with the connective tissues diseases of the body like ehlers danlos syndrome, excessive weight bearing exercises and flat feet.

The exact cause behind this is still unknown. These papules are the soft mass and can be touched without any pain. These papules are asymptomatic and does not show any severe kind of symptoms. Pain is the only symptoms in case of severe piezogenic papules formation. The diagnosis of piezogenic papules is an easy task because of its specific appearance. These papules may resolve on it's own when patient stop performing weight bearing works. These papules are often bilateral. While applying a little bit of pressure, these papules can be easily compressed.

Piezogenic Papules Images

Piezogenic Papules Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Piezogenic Papules Symptoms

Piezogenic papules are asymptomatic and does not show any symptom even on touching. On applying pressure on these papules, these are compressed without any pain. Just in case, if these papules become severe, then pain is the only symptom it shows. The pain may be due to necrosis of fats. Necrosis of fats in piezogenic papules may occur due to compression of nerves and due to inappropriate blood supply, necrosis occurs and causes pain. There is not any other symptom associated with piezogenic papules. These usually occur on wrist and sides of feet.

Piezogenic Papules Causes

There is not any specific cause reported behind the herniation of fats. This condition is common within families And pass on as a trait. These papules usually occur in beings, who are over weight and obese. Because they have excessive fat around their body. So the fats on wrist and feet leads to herniation and forms piezogenic papules. Some beings with some pathological problems may also develop piezogenic papules. In case of flat feet, ehlers danlos syndrome. Ehlers danlos syndrome is a collagen disorder. These papules involve the dermis layer of skin. These may occur in the newborns and the exact cause behind it is unknown.

Piezogenic Papules Treatment

As these papules are asymptomatic that's why treatment is not required. But if the symptoms appear, then treatment becomes necessary. The following points help a lot in treatment.
  • Patient should avoid weight bearing exercises.
  • He should consult with a podiatrist.
  • Compression stockings.
  • Weight loss will help a lot.
  • The foot pads are used made of foam rubber. Other than this, foam fitting plastic heel cups are also used.
  • Corticosteroids injections are injected in case of lesions
  • Surgery is recommended only when the symptoms are not controlled with the above mentioned treatment plans.
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