Nevus Comedonicus Images, Symptoms, Causes, Removal, Popping

It is a pathological condition in which papules appear on the surface. These papules are arranged in a specific linear manner. These papules are closely arranged and grouped. These are slightly elevated in structure. Keratenous plugs are present at the center of these papules which resembles comedones. These are closely packed dilated follicular openings with keratinous plugs. These are black in color. When the folliculosebaceous unit in mesodermal layer is not properly developed then hamartoma is formed, which leads to formation of nevus comedonicus. The follicular openings are no more able to generate hair production and sebum production and as a result black colored plugs are formed in centre.

Nevus Comedonicus Images

Nevus Comedonicus Images, Symptoms, Causes, Removal, Popping

Nevus Comedonicus Symptoms

Nevus comedonicus appear in the form of clusters which are closely packed and are plugged with keratenous matter. These papules may be single or multiple. Commonly it is unilateral. It's size may range from a few cm to half of the body. Nevus comedonicus usually occur on the upper half of body  like face, trunk, shoulders and neck etc. Rarely it covers scalp, palms, soles and penis. In case, when it appear on knees and elbow, it appear as verrucous nodules. It appear in a proper linear sequence.

Nevus Comedonicus Causes

Nevus comedonicus occur due to genetic mutation. The whole exome is sequence in this condition which identifies mutations in somatic cells i.e. NEK9. Each of them are effecting the residues which are highly conserved within RCC1 domains or kinase. All the mutation in somatic cells gain functioning, and as a result the process of phosphorylation increases at Thr210. It is a Hallmark of kinase activation of NEK9. Studies revealed that the plug of keratinous material shows the follicular differentiation marker. There is not any other cause behind the formation of such papules on the surface of skin.

Nevus Comedonicus Removal

Nevus comedonicus are the mega black heads which can be removed easily with the help of medication. If medications does not work, then laser treatment is used for the removal. In medications, both topical and oral medications are used. Topically salicylic acid, retinoic acid or ammonium lactate lotion is used. Isotretinoin  require long term treatment that's why, it is not recommended. Some oral medications are administered for the fast recovery. Ammonium lactate lotion is the effective one because it contains lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid which helps in removal of comedones from the follicles.

Nevus Comedonicus Popping

Nevus comedonicus can be treated with a process named popping. In popping, a surgical instrument is used. The skin around the raised papules is pressed with this instrument. Due to pressing of papule, the blocked follicule become open. This happens when the keratinous material is popped out of the papule due to pressure applied. This popping technique is used in removing black heads. So it is effective in removing mega black heads i.e. nevus comedonicus. Popping process becomes easy when some topical medications are used. These topical medication make the keratenous material loose and then via popping technique, these can be easily removed.
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