Dysplastic Ears Images, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dysplastic ears are the ears with abnormal appearance. The outer shape of ear is not normal. It occurs due to chromosomal defect. The external ear consists of auricle and external acoustic meatus. In dysplastic ears, auricle are defective. The auricles have series of elevations named as auricular hillocks. These hillocks are around 1st pharyngeal cleft. During development of fetus, 3 auricular hillocks are present around 1st pharyngeal cleft and 3 auricular hillocks are present around 2nd pharyngeal arch, seen after 6 weeks of development. After some time of development, these hillocks rearrange themselves to form various parts of external ear.

Dysplastic Ears Images

In dysplastic ears outer look of ear I.e. external ear is totally changed and looks abnormal. Some people with dysplastic ears face problems in hearing. It is a genetic disease. The mutation in chromosomes and genes leads to abnormal appearance of ears. Ears start acquiring abnormal shape during development within the womb of mother. Hearing problems are associated with dysplastic ears. In mild cases, as one is shown in figure show little abnormality but in severe cases whole outer shape is changed.

Dysplastic Ears Images, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dysplastic Ears Symptoms

Dysplastic ear is a congenital disease and occurs due to genetic abnormality. The main and common symptom of dysplastic ear is deformity of external ear. The outer ear has different shape like microtia I.e. small sized ears, macrotia I.e. large sized ears, hemifacial microsomia I.e. unilateral microtia, anotia I.e. complete auricle is absent, cup shaped ear i.e. the outer look of the ear is cup shaped and lop ear. All these are the possible shapes of outer ear. Dysplastic ears are similar to these in shape and outer look. The difference is in the bone of ear involved.

Dysplastic Ears Causes

There are many genetic diseases which include dysplastic ears as a symptom. Some of the diseases are as follows

  • Patau syndrome (malformation of the ears at extreme level).
  • Actinic keratosis (dysplastic epidermis along with keratenocyte atypia).
  • Weaver syndrome is a genetic disease which has dysplastic ears as a main symptom.
  • Nager syndrome has dysplastic ears which are low set and outstanding.
  • Ring chromosome no. 4. (Narrow ear canals and dysplastic ears)
  • Humero radial synostosis shows dysplastic ears as symptom.
  • XXXXY syndrome small sized ears in dysplastic ears.
  • Seckel syndrome, humero ulnar synostosis and acrocallosal syndrome have dysplastic ears.

Dysplastic Ears Treatment

It is a genetic abnormality and can only be treated with a surgery. The surgery can reconstitute auricle and make it even. The surgery is performed at the age of 6 to 7 years. It can be reconstituted with rib cartilage. But it involves various procedures. Another way is prosthetic reconstruction whose results are more life like. Local anesthetics can be used but general anesthesia will be preferable because handling a child is not an easy task. There are also various post surgical complications like any kind of infection, scarring at the site and hematoma.
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