Precordial Thrill Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Palpation, Treatment

Precordia is a region present over heart and lower chest. It is present on left side of body because heart lies on left side of body. Basically it is the inner wall of chest over heart. Thrill is the vibrational feeling in the precordial region e.g. Auscultatory area of the valves. It is a heart murmur which can be observed during 3rd and 4th interspace systolic thrill. The thrill is nothing but a palpable. It is similar to a murmur and feels like a murmur. Sometimes a thrill can be easily observed while sitting straight and holding breathe.

Precordial Thrill Symptoms

It is not a pathological condition but just a sound which can be easily observed at lower sternum. A thrill is nothing more than a murmur. A murmur sound is same as thrill. It is like a vibration which can be felt easily by placing hand on the lower sternum. Patient does not need to pose specifically, because these thrill can be observed while sitting normally and holding your breath at its maximum expiration. It does not have any other symptoms like pain. It is palpable and loud and it helps a lot in its diagnostic processes.

Precordial Thrill Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Palpation, Treatment

Precordial Thrill Causes

There are different causes behind precordial thrill, some of the common causes are as follows. Patent ductus arteriosus ( during left to right shunt, thrill is produced), aortic valve stenosis (thrill produce due to narrowed pulse pressure), congenital aortic valve stenosis (due to systolic dysfunction of left ventricle), taussing Bing anomaly (in this a diffuse murmur or thrill is usually present), aortic stenosis with bicuspid valve, pulmonary valve stenosis (left to right shunting ), chordae tendons rupture, pulmonary arteriovenous malformation and rheumatic aortic valve obstruction. These are all the possible causes behind precordial thrill. It is not a pathological condition so patient does not have to worry.

Precordial Thrill Treatment

There is not any specific treatment for precordial thrill. Treating the underlying cause can relieve patient. Every possible cause has its specific treatment. So treatment guidelines changes according to the cause behind it. All the possible reasons are discussed in causes section. It is not a Pathological condition so most of the patients take it lightly. It also does not show symptoms. So there is not any medication for the symptoms. Basically incompetent heart valve is the cause behind the precordial thrill, so valves pressure is checked and treated according to the underlying cause.

Precordial Thrill Palpation

Precordial region is the valve region present over heart and lower chest. The precordial area is checked for a thrill or murmur. Thrill or murmur will show abnormality in palpation. Not only thrills but heaves I.e. precordial movements can also be checked. Abnormal palpation shows the problem behind this thrill. Heaves and thrills can be observed easily by placing hand over the precordial region. For heaves, the heel of the hand should be placed on the sternum. The pulses observed give information about the condition and working of heart.
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