Lichen Planus Vulva Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Cancer

Lichen planus is a rarely occurring inflammatory disease. It is a skin disease which has subtypes on the basis of body part involved. It occurs on skin, mucosa, nails and scalp. Likewise lichen planus vulva is the subtype of lichen planus which involves vulva. As vulva and vagina have mucous membrane on its surface. It is characterized as skin erosion, heterotrophic or papular lesions on the surface of vulva. It sometimes involves vagina too. It most commonly occurs on mucosal surfaces like oral cavity, vulvar and vaginal surface. Erosion occurs on the surface which may lead to severe tissue destruction.

Lichen Planus Vulva Images

Lichen Planus Vulva Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Cancer

Lichen Planus Vulva Symptoms

As it is a dermatological condition, so surface of the skin is involved. Erosion occurs on the surface. Sometimes papular or heterotrophic lesion occurs on mucosal surface. In women it commonly covers genital area I.e. vagina and vulva. So common symptoms include rash, itching, pain due to erosion because erosion causes severe tissue damage, redness and burning sensation. Chronic inflammation leads to scarring on vulvar surface. The reddish and inflammed puffy area is known as erosion on vulva. Other symptoms involve construction of vaginal opening and loss of labia minora (inner small lips of vagina).

Lichen Planus Vulva Causes

The exact cause behind lichen planus vulva is not known. But it is believed that it occurs in response to over active immune system. It is considered an autoimmune problem causing inflammation. It does not occur in response to an infection. Likewise age, hygiene, diet, menopause and sexual activity are not responsible for causing lichen planus vulva. It is not contagious and do not spread via direct contact or sexual activity. The common sites which it affects the most are the sites having mucosal surfaces like oral cavity, larynx, esophagus, nasal mucosa,  urethra and conjunctiva.

Lichen Planus Vulva Treatment

Treatment involves some life style changes which helps a lot in combat symptoms. As it is a skin disease, so patient is asked to avoid products which cause irritation. Some topical steroids creams and ointments are used. Local estrogen helps a lot in vulvar and vaginal healing. Lichen planus vulva may disappear on treatment, but it can reoccur after some time with no symptoms. As sexual intercourse is painful and full penetration of penis is almost impossible. So vaginal dilators are used to dilate vaginal opening for easy penetration. Surgery can be performed but in rare cases.

Lichen Planus Vulva Cancer

Rarely lichen planus vulva, if left untreated, can lead to vulvar cancer. But it is very rare I.e. there are only less than 5 percent chances of cancer development. Regular examinations are required to check out cancer cells production. As it is considered an autoimmune disease, so chances of cancer development is rare. Poor hygienic conditions of vagina and vulva may lead to vulvar cancer. If vulvar cancer is diagnosed, then immediate treatment is required. Symptoms become severe in vulvar cancer. Sometimes it left undiagnosed because most of the women do not pay attention and tell some one due to shame, so leaving it as it is is another factor which causes development of vulvar cancer.
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