Richter Hernia Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Richter hernia is a rare type of hernia associated with small intestine. Basically it occurs in the anti mesenteric wall of small intestine as a result of defect in abdominal wall. It is different and rare type of abdominal hernias in which only a single wall of intestine protrudes due to defect. It means the intestinal lumen shows incomplete involvement in defect and the uninvolved part remains in peritoneal cavity. If necrosis occurs accompanying protrusion during hernia then it may lead to repair, peritonitis and perforation. It is very dangerous type of hernia that it can prove fatal for health.

Richter's Hernia Symptoms

Initially Richter's hernia shows mild symptoms but with passage of time, the symptoms become severe and some times prove fatal. Common symptoms of Richter's hernia involve systemic malaise and systemic fever. Cramps in abdomen with severe abdominal pain. Patient may experience excessive vomiting and nauseatic feeling. Visually abdomen looks swell. On touch, patient can observe a painful mas in the groin region, which is hard on touch. Problem arises in the digestion of food. Bowel movement of intestine causes pain. As every bowel movement induces a layer of pain in abdomen which is almost unbearable.

Richter Hernia Pain Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Richter's Hernia Causes

Richter's hernia is a type of abdominal hernia. It occurs when intestinal wall starts pushing itself through muscle wall of abdominal opening. It is really small in size and difficult to diagnose. Once it tries to pass through abdominal opening, it got traped. As a result strangulated tissues start forming immediately. It happens because of improper blood supply to the area. When there is no blood, gangrene occurs (gangerene is the cell death and tissue death). As a result, life threatening condition occurs. That's why Richter's hernia has proved fatal for health. It requires immediate management right after diagnosis.

Richter's Hernia Treatment

It is the dangerous and rare type of hernia which occurs in abdomen. It requires immediate treatment right after diagnosis. Surgery is the treatment option for Richter's hernia. It has a drawback, that diagnosis of Richter's hernia is not easy, so treatment delays and patient dies in most of the cases. It has high mortality rate with late diagnosis and late treatment. Gold standard technique is used primarily to repair the part involved in peritoneal cavity. Then laparotomy is performed, in case perforation is suspected. No medications are prescribed other than pain medications I.e. ibuprofen.

Richter's Hernia Pain

As Richter's hernia is the type of abdominal hernia, so all the symptoms are associated with abdomen. Pain is the common symptom. It is mild at the initial stage of Richter's hernia but it becomes worse with the passage of time. When intestinal anti mesenteric wall tries to pass through abdominal opening, it got trapped and pinched. Due to pinching, pain arises. At starting, it is mild but gradually it become unbearable. Intensity of pain increases because of gangerene I.e. cell death. Improper blood and oxygen supply to the site is responsible for gangrene or tissue death.
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