Obturator Hernia Symptoms, Causes, Location, Treatment

Obturator foramen is present in lower pelvic region. When intestine protrudes through this obturator foramen, it causes hernia and this condition is termed as obturator hernia. It is a type of hernia which is not common. It most commonly occur in women specially adult women. Lean or very thin women are more prone to this. As obturator is not visible so there are no lumps in obturator hernia as other types of hernia have lumps. Its diagnosis is also difficult because of its location. Obturator hernia is a life threatening condition because blood supply is cut off in hernia and it leads to cell death.

Obturator Hernia Symptoms

Obturator hernia involves protrusion of intestine through obturator foramen. It leads to bowel obstruction. Bowel obstruction can be easily diagnosed but the obturator hernia diagnosis is not easy. With bowel obstruction, patient may also feel bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe pain in abdomen and pelvic region and constipation. Howship-Romberg is another symptom of obturator hernia. Howship-romberg is a pain which arises from the middle of thigh and run towards knee. When intestine herniated through obturator foramen, obturator nerve is pushed and howship-Romberg pain generated.

Obturator Hernia Symptoms, Causes, Location, Treatment

Obturator Hernia Causes

Obturator hernia cause is still unclear. But the reported causes are natural aging process. During aging, person loses muscle mass and fats from body. Sudden or continuous weight loss may also lead to obturator hernia. Malnutrition is another leading cause.  When patient start losing tissues and fats around muscles, small openings start appearing on muscles which covers canals. When these small openings appear on muscles surrounding intestine, obturator hernia may occur. Adult lean or very thin women are five times more likely to have obturator hernia as compare to men. Women with more pregnancies are at hit list.

Obturator Hernia Location

Obturator hernia occurs in the lower pelvic region. As obturator foramen is present in pelvic region near lower abdomen and intestine. Obturator foramen is present in pelvic region and function by allowing blood supply to pelvic region. When a part of intestine accidently passes from the opening of obturator foramen, it leads to obturator hernia. Because of hernia, blood supply will be disturbed and cells will start dying. Its diagnosis is difficult because of its hidden location. Obturator hernia leads to bowel obstruction.

Obturator Hernia Treatment

To select treatment strategy, diagnosis should be accurate and confirmed about obturator hernia. CT scan is performed for diagnosis. Treatment should be started as early as possible. Treatment option include Laparoscopy surgery. In traditional hernia surgery, only one incision is made but in case of latest laparoscopic hernia surgery, several small incision are made to reach dead cells of obturator hernia and protruding intestinal part. There is low risk of fatality in obturator hernia because fatality risk is up to 70 percent higher in old age patients as compare to adult lean women.
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