Eczema on Foreskin Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Eczema on skin is also known as penile dermatitis eczema. It is a dermal condition in which skin becomes sore and itchy. Patient feels discomfort and embarrassment in public. Eczema is a skin condition which occurs due to over active immune system. It is externally triggered by various factors including food with high sugar and alcohol levels, extremely hot water wash, dry weather conditions, poor hygiene and reaction of certain harsh chemicals. It is hereditary in nature and is present by birth. It has different levels of severity. Mild eczema on foreskin may not bother but severe eczema causes skin rash.

Eczema can occur on any part of body including neck and face. Patient may experience pain in foreskin which is sometimes unbearable. Blisters form on the surface of foreskin skin. This condition may disturb patient sex life. As it is hereditary, so treating it completely is not possible. Medications can reduce its severity and symptoms but patient cannot get rid of it completely. There are some environmental factors which can initiate eczema or trigger pre existing eczema in patients. These factors involve skin rubbing or friction, latex allergy, allergy from a type of cloth, heat, sweat and reaction of any chemical product.

Eczema on Foreskin Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Eczema on Foreskin Symptoms

Eczema appears in different forms. And it can initiates with just a rash. Symptoms of eczema are as follows:Skin become dry and scaly. Blisters start appearing on surface of foreskin skin. Bumps will start raising on surface. Blister and bump formation will lead to scratch and scratching will make it severe. Eczema may affect penile shaft and glands. Itching will become severe. Eczema will show all the above mentioned symptoms if occur on any part of body. But on foreskin it is quite embarrassing and not comfortable at all.

Eczema on Foreskin Causes

Eczema on foreskin is hereditary but may exist in different forms. It may exist in mild form and do not bother. But there are some environmental factors which may trigger pre existing eczema and make it severe. These environmental factors involve dry weather conditions, extremely hot water wash, poor hygiene and as a result of some harsh chemicals. High level of sugar and alcohol in diet may also trigger eczema on foreskin. People find comfort in washing eczema, but it is not a good option because washing will make it severe. Other causes involve latex allergy, fabric allergy, rubbing or friction, sweat and heat.

Eczema on Foreskin Treatment

Eczema on foreskin cannot be treated completely but its severity can be reduced. Mostly topical medications are used for eczema. These medications involve anti histamines. Anti histamines helps to reduce itching and pain. Long term use of emollients is recommended. Emollients will make skin smooth and rash free. It keeps foreskin moisturized. UV light therapy is also recommended but in severe conditions. There is a drawback that UV light may burn the skin of foreskin. Steroid therapy involve topical steroids and are recommended in severe condition. Along with medications, patient have to follow some preventive measures to avoid its recurrence.
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