Dennie Morgan Lines Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The skin below lower eyelid in humans show lines which occur in response to atopic edema. These lines are known as Dannie Morgan lines. These lines apparently resemble wrinkle lines. But wrinkles appear on whole face and Dannie Morgan lines appear just below the lower eyelid. Basic reason behind it is edema in atopic dermatitis. It is also considered a diagnostic feature of allergy. It has 78% sensitivity and 76% specificity. Some people confuse it with allergic shiners and dark circles under the eye. Basic pathophysiology is unknown.

The only reported mechanism behind this condition is continuous spasm of Muller eyelid muscle. Usually skin edema leads to Dannie Morgan lines because of hypoxia from poor circulation. Accumulation of fluid is known as edema and in case of Dannie Morgan lines, it appears in the infra orbital groove. And the leading cause is nasal congestion. One line below the lower eyelid is normal but extra folds below lower eyelid indicates Dannie Morgan lines. Apparently these folds look dry.  There is no age limitation in Dannie Morgan line. Treating the underlying cause will cure Dannie Morgan Lines. There is no specific treatment designed for these Dannie Morgan folds.

Dennie Morgan Lines Pictures

Dennie Morgan Lines Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dannie Morgan Lines Symptoms

Dannie Morgan Lines  is a visible condition which do not occur on its own but a sign of edema. Edema in the infra orbital groove occurs which leads to lines or wrinkles below the lower eyelid. Eyes look dry in Dannie Morgan Lines. It has no affect on vision. As it is a main sign of edema in atopic dermatitis and allergy, so other symptoms may related to underlying cause. Other symptoms may involve redness around eyes, swelling or inflammation, scaling, cracking and crusting. Dannie Morgan lines may turn to extremely itchy and inflamed skin folds.

Dannie Morgan Lines Causes

Dannie Morgan lines may occur as a result of edema in atopic dermatitis and allergy. In case of allergy, inflammation and nasal congestion it may occur. Nasal congestion leads to poor blood circulation in facial area due to which blood start backing up to eye region. Poor blood circulation will cause oxygen deficient condition of tissues named hypoxia. When there is less supply of oxygen, a particular muscle in eyelid i.e. Muller muscle will shoe spasm. Continuous spasms of this particular muscle will cause Dannie Morgan lines. Same phenomenon occurs in case of atopic dermatitis because inflammation is also a sign of atopic dermatitis.

Dannie Morgan Lines Treatment

There is no specific systemic treatment for Dannie Morgan lines but treating the underlying cause can resolve these extra skin folds. As in allergy, the poor circulation can be improved by treating nasal congestion and as a result Dannie Morgan lines will disappear. Other than treating underlying cause, topical medications are also used to reduce Dannie Morgan lines appearance. These topical medications contains alpha hydroxy acids. These AHAs have tendency to regenerate cells and improve skin texture. Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove top most layer of cells and generate new cells.
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