Morrison's Pouch Fluid Symptoms, Causes, Location, Treatment

Morison pouch is also known as pouch of Morison, sub hepatic recess and hepatorenal recess. It is a separation which separates right kidney from liver. And fluid filled in that space leads to a condition named Morison pouch fluid. Usually there is no fluid in Morison pouch but it can be filled with fluid if stomach get filled with fluid (In case of hemoperitoneum). Intraperitoneal fluid,ascites, blood itself and dialysate may accumulate in Morison’s pouch. CT scan and ultrasound showss fluid in Morison pouch. But there is a limitation i.e. only 30 to 40 ml of fluid in abdomen can be seen with CT scan and ultrasound.

Morison’s Pouch Fluid Symptoms

When intraperitoneal fluid, blood, ascites or dialysate fills abdomen, it start moving towards space between right kidney and liver. This space is Morrison’s pouch. When fluid fillthis space, patient’s comfort level decreases. Patient may have feeling of fullness. Pain in the right side of body specially lower abdomen region. Patient cannot lie down easily. This fluid may further leads to formation of cancerous cells. These cancerous cells may make the condition worse and as a result ovarian cancer may occur. Ovarian cancer is also a diagnostic parameter of Morrison’s pouch fluid.

Morrison's Pouch Fluid Symptoms, Causes, Location, Treatment

Morrison’s Pouch Fluid Causes

Morison’s pouch fluid may occur due to accumulation of fluid in abdomen. And fluid starts accumulating in abdomen in various conditions including any kind of trauma and bleeding may result in abdominal filling with blood. Ascites is the fluid other than bleeding and it can accumulate in abdomen and Morison’s pouch as a result of heart, liver and kidney problem. As in heart failure, fluid starts accumulating in the abdomen, legs and liver leading to Morison’s pouch fluid. Portal hypertension, cirrhosis and liver failure also results in fluid filling in Morison’s pouch.

Morrison’s Pouch Fluid Location

Morrison’s pouch is present near lower abdomen. It is a potential space which is present in every person. It separates right kidney from liver. It is present inside the peritoneum and usually it do not have fluid in it. But in case of some diseases, fluid start filling in abdominal cavity and then this fluid starts shifting to Morrison’s pouch. The Morrison’s pouch when filled with fluid can easily be seen in computed tomography scan and ultrasound. But only 30 to 40 ml of abdominal fluid can be seen with these diagnostic techniques.

Morrison Pouch Fluid Treatment

Morrison’s pouch usually do not have fluid in it. But if fluid accumulates in Morison pouch, laparotomy is performed. In laparotomy, an incision is made right through abdominal wall for easy abdominal access. After accessing abdomen, abdominal fluid is extracted from it. After complete removal of abdominal fluid, wound is closed with stitches. The incision is made right in the mid of abdomen for easy access and is known as mid line incision.
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