Curling's Ulcer Signs and Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Curling’s ulcer or curling ulcer is a type of ulcer which occurs in duodenum of gastro intestinal tract. Duodenum is the part of small intestine. Skin lesions and surface wounds are known as ulcers. In curling’s ulcer, small sized lesions or wounds occur on the surface of walls of small intestine. Epidermal tissues are involved in this disease. Curling’s ulcer is a dangerous condition which may occur as a result of severe burns to the body. MassiveTrauma and injuries may also lead to curling ulcer. Stress ulcers is another name of curling ulcer because it occurs as a result of severe stress on the body.

Curling’s Ulcer Symptoms

Curling’s ulcer occurs in small intestine specifically in duodenum. Its symptoms resemble symptoms of other type of stomach ulcers.Wounds or lesions occur on the surface of duodenal walls. These are surface lesions and tissues are involved. These lesions results in stomach pain. Patient feels lack of appetite and persistent vomiting. Blood in stool is another sign of curling ulcer. On the basis of above mentioned symptoms no one can diagnose curling ulcer. These symptoms appear as a result of burns on body so it makes difficult to diagnose curling ulcer specifically.

Curling's Ulcer Signs and Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Curling Ulcer Causes

There are limited number of causes behind it.Curling ulcer is a severe complication of burns on body. Other causes involve accidental injuries and massive trauma. In case of burns involving larger area of body, blood supply to small intestine with oxygen and other nutrients is reduced. As a result, intestine receive less oxygen and nutrients from blood. And due to lack of oxygen, cells and tissues of intestine will start dying. These dead cells are responsible for causing curling ulcer in small intestine. Same phenomenon occurs in case of injury and massive trauma.

Curling Ulcer Diagnosis

Curling syndrome diagnosis is really important because all the symptoms of curling ulcer, resemble symptoms of burns which makes it difficult to diagnose. Whenever these symptoms appear, endoscopy is performed to diagnose the cause. In endoscopy, a camera is inserted inside small intestine via mouth or anus. This camera take pictures or record inside condition of intestine. It is the only diagnostic process used for curling ulcer. Sometimes biopsy is performed to take sample of tissues and then further tests are performed on that sample. Assessment of results tells about the right cause behind it and treatment strategy is selected according to it.

Curling Ulcer Treatment

Curling ulcer occurs as a severe complication of burns in the body. So underlying cause is treated to cure curling’s ulcer. Curling ulcer was anciently cured by surgery only. Surgery  was performed to remove epidermal wounds of burns which ultimately cure curling ulcer.But now a days medicinal therapy have reduced the occurrence of curling ulcer. Medicinal therapy involves following medications. Antacids and H2 receptor antagonists. Proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole also helps in minimizing chances of occurrence of curling ulcer. All these medications are administered via enteral feeding which is a combination therapy with surgery.
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