Prostatomegaly Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Prostatomegaly is defined as enlargement of prostate gland. Normally prostate gland in men starts increasing in size after 40 years of age. Prostatomegaly is also known as benign prostate hyperplasia. Prostate is an important gland in male reproductive system. It is small in size and have muscular texture. Prostate surrounds urethra and makes fluid in semen. The cells of prostate gland starts to multiply rapidly make prostate gland swell. Due to increase in size of prostate gland, urethra get squeeze or compress and as a result flow of urine becomes limited. It is not a cancerous condition and does not spread like it.

Even it do not lead to cancer. Symptoms generated due to Prostatomegaly have great impact on quality of life of patient. It most commonly occur in men above 50 years of age. Symptoms are mild but in some cases, if they do not get treated on time, may become worse. The common complications reported are:

There may be total blockage of urine and as a result urinary retention occurs. If small amount of urine pass and some amount of urine remains in bladder every time, this condition is known as chronic retention.

Prostatomegaly Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Prostatomegaly Symptoms

Lower urinary tract infections have the same symptoms as prostatomegaly have. Urethra becomes congested and narrow. There is hindrance in urinary flow. Main visible symptoms are:

  • There will be decreased or weak urine flow.
  •  Urination time increases due to reduced flow.
  • Patient have to wait a bit for urine to flow.
  • At the end of urination, there will be slow dribbling.
  • Patient can feel his bladder full even after urination and do not get satisfy.
  • Urine frequency may increases due to weak urine stream.
  • Increased chances of toilet urgency.

Symptoms are mild but if left untreated, may become severe.

Prostatomegaly Causes

The increase in size of prostate gland is natural process in men after the age of 40. It is a normal phenomenon of aging in men. The exact cause is unknown but some scientist say that changes in sex hormones may lead to increase in size of prostate gland. If family history of patient is reported with Prostatomegaly, there are increased risk of occurrence of Prostatomegaly in their young ones. Men who have undergone removal of testicles at very young age do not have any chance of developing Prostatomegaly. All these causes may lead to Prostatomegaly but the exact one is still unknown.

Prostatomegaly Treatment

In some cases, treatment of prostatomegaly is not necessary but if symptoms become severe, they do require treatment. But there is not any treatment which totally eliminate all symptoms but can improve them. If treatment is not required, patient have to adopt some lifestyle modifications like drink less water and try to go to washroom frequently. Stop or reduce the use of caffeine. Alpha blockers, 5 alpha reductase inhibitor are prescribed in medication therapy. if medications are of no help to reduce or eliminate symptoms, then surgical removal of prostate gland is recommended.
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