Truncal Obesity Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Abdominal obesity, central obesity are other names of truncal obesity. In obesity, body of patient looks like an apple. It is also called apple shaped body. In truncal obesity, excess fats are accumulated in truncal or abdominal region and leads to many health problems. As heart lies in chest or truncal region, so obesity in truncal region may also causes some cardiovascular diseases. Truncal obesity do not only occur in elder and obese patients but it may be secondary to other diseases like Alzheimer disease.

It may be secondary to metabolic diseases and various vascular diseases. In truncal obesity, the body mass index of patient is equal or greater than 30. In this condition, fats start accumulating around abdominal region primarily. Patients with apple shaped body or truncal obesity have greater risk of severe health problems as compare to persons having fats around hips, thighs and arms. When fat start accumulating in truncal region, it can also effect closely lying organs and cover them in fats. This can lead to diabetes mellitus type 2 and excess fat can also cause back strain. Women are more susceptible to gain weight and fats as compare to men due to hormonal changes.

Truncal obesity Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Truncal obesity Causes

Truncal obesity occurs due to accumulation of fats around truncal region and fats accumulated as a result of eating too much heavily processed fast foods having high amount of fats. Due to lack of exercise and any kind of physical activity to consume fats it start accumulating in truncal region. Hormonal disturbances in women is the main reported cause of truncal obesity. Truncal obesity may be secondary to many diseases and disorders like it may be secondary to Alzheimer disease and metabolic diseases and vascular diseases. Due to decreased metabolism or impaired metabolism obesity may occur.

Truncal obesity Symptoms

Truncal obesity is a visible condition. Patient can be visibly judged whether he is obese or not. Fats accumulate around truncal region and abdomen comes out. The body of patient looks like apple. Many diseases are linked to truncal obesity like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, insulin resistance and most commonly diabetes mellitus type 2. The circumference of abdomen increases as compare to the circumference of hip. There may be blood lipid disorders, inflammation and many cardiovascular diseases. Truncal obesity is considered the biggest health risk as it is the most common cause to various fatal health problems.

Truncal obesity Treatment

There are many methods regarding weight loss. Dietary modifications and physical exercise are of great help in losing weight. But patient need counseling from a physician because not all exercises help in losing truncal fat obesity. Crunches and cardiovascular exercises are performed to lose truncal fat. Crunches not only burn fat of stomach but it reduce fat from all over the body. Patient have to skip fast foods and eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Some medications also help in reducing weight along with weight loss plan continued. Gastric bypass surgery also help to reduce weight in morbidly obese patients.
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