Overgrown Toe Skin Pictures, Removal, Surgery, Pain, Home Remedies

Overgrown toe skin as the name indicates is a condition in which the skin around nail of toe is over grown and covers the nail. Nail does not cause problem with the over grown toe skin. It is just piling up of skin around nail of toe and nail has nothing to do with this. Overgrown toe skin and ingrown toenail are almost the same conditions. As in ingrown toenail, the nail is abnormally grown from sides and stuck in between over grown skin around toe. The nail appears to be curled in from sides which makes it abnormal.

Overgrown Toe Skin Surgery

A surgical procedure named vandenbos procedure is used widely to remove overgrown toe skin. It is a minor surgical procedure which can be easily performed in the surgeons office. Surgeon will freeze the toe and then will remove the excessive skin around the nail of toe. He will not touch nail during surgery because it has nothing to do with the nail but will just remove the skin. This minor surgery will take almost 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If one toe is to be treated then it will take only 20 minutes but in case of 2 toes it will take 30 minutes.

Overgrown Toe Skin Pictures

Overgrown Toe Skin Pictures, Removal, Surgery, Pain, Home Remedies

Overgrown Toe Skin Removal

To remove the skin around the nail of toe vandenbos procedure is considered the most effective procedure. It is recommended upon all other removal procedures because it does not touch nail and only remove the excessive piled up skin around the nail of toe. In other overgrown toe skin removal processes, the nail is also effected and complication increases. In vandenbos surgical procedure, the toe is freezed so that patient does not feel pain and then extra piled up skin is removed from the toe.

Overgrown Toe Skin Pain

The skin overgrown around the nail is not normal and is painless most of the time. Unless an infection occurs due to ingrown toenail along with overgrown toe skin. Pain may get worse with the condition. As any injury on the toe can lead to infection and as a result redness and inflammation occurs. Sometimes pus is also formed on the site and make it worse. Due to pus, the pain become unbearable and patient need emergency treatment. Normally without injury or infection, patient feels no pain on the over grown skin around nail of toe.

Overgrown Toe Skin Home Remedies

Patients with ingrown toenail and overgrown toe skin have to follow almost same home remedies to prevent infections. These home remedies include:

  • Patient should soak his foot in like warm water and soapy water.
  • Other than water, patient is asked to soak foot in apple cider vinegar.
  • Pack the toe with cotton and dental floss.
  • Patient should apply antibiotics in the form of ointment.
  • Patient should wear open and comfortable shoes to avoid pressure on toe.
  • Over the counter pain killers are recommended to relief pain and inflammation.
  • A toe protector should be used to avoid direct hit of toe with anything.
  • All these remedies helps to prevent over grown toe skin.
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