Scrotal Pearl Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Removal

Scrotal pearl is also known as scrotolith. These are benign in nature.  The occurrence of scrotal pearl is incidental and appears on the extra testicular surface. These are like macro calcifications inside the scrotum. Scrotal pearls cover the space of tunica vaginalis (serosal covering of testes) or sinus of the epididymis. The epididymis is present adjacent to the testes inside the sac of the scrotum. Scrotal pearls have no clinical significance. Scrotal pearls are symptomatic and do not show any symptoms. The basic cause behind the occurrence of scrotal pearls is mountain riding. As trauma may occur on the scrotum leading to scrotal pearls.

Scrotal Pearl Symptoms

Scrotal pearls on the scrotum of the testes are asymptomatic and do not show any specific symptoms. These are macro calcifications that appear on the sinus of the epididymis or cover the maximum space of tunica vaginalis. Patient experience no problems regarding scrotal pearls. Sometimes patients experience scrotal pain some months before with regular episodes. Scrotal pearls are loose in nature and disappear after some time on its own. Pain episodes may occur with some interval of time but do not remain for a longer-term. These scrotal pearls are soft masses and can't be felt without touch.

Scrotal Pearl Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Removal

Scrotal Pearl Causes

There are not any defined causes behind the occurrence of scrotal pearl. These are benign in nature and do not require treatment. Some of the main reasons include mountain riding. When mountain bikers ride on the mountain, due to ups and downs, there may be small-sized trauma on the scrotum. This trauma may lead to the formation of a scrotal pearl. Another main cause is the torsion of the appendix testis. Scrotal pearls are formed prior to the torsion of appendix testis. And after some time disappear on its own. No specific treatment is required for the scrotal pearls.

Scrotal Pearl Treatment

Scrotal pearls are benign in nature and can disappear on its own after a specified time. So no treatment is required. If there are pain episodes with scrotal pearls, then some pain medications are prescribed with proper care. Physicians ask the patient to lie down mostly and do not sit for a longer time as it can increase pressure on scrotal pearls, and this may cause a problem. Patients do not have to worry about scrotal pearls because they are of no clinical importance. These scrotal pearls can easily move within the epididymis, so it can't be a cancerous lump because it is soft and movable.

Scrotal Pearl Removal

Scrotal pearls are if no clinical importance, so patients do not have to worry about it. Pain may occur in the form of acute episodes, so it should be managed with the help of over the counter pain medications. In some cases, the symptoms become worse, and the patient can't bear the pain; also, the scrotal pearl grows bigger in size. In this situation, the surgical removal of scrotal pearl is recommended. In the surgical procedure, a small incision is made on the surface of the epididymis, and then this macro calcification is removed safely.
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