What is Clitoromegaly?

As the name indicates, the clitoro means the clitoris, which is the part of external genitalia in women and megaly, means an abnormal increase in size. So it is defined as an abnormally increased size of clitoris in women. It is not a pathological condition and does not cause harm. It is a rare condition. In the case of acquired clitoromegaly, enlargement of the clitoris is an indication of the abnormal level of hormones. In fact, it is present by birth, then the cause may be congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Nowadays, clitoromegaly is rare because of the safe use of progestogens. It may also occur due to a syndrome named Fraser syndrome. It is an autosomal recessive congenital disorder. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and hyperthecosis are responsible for causing clitoromegaly later in life. So the diagnosis of the root cause is necessary. Clitoral cysts may also be responsible for causing enlargement of the clitoris.

Women using testosterone for some therapeutical reasons may also develop clitoromegaly because of excessive exposure to testosterone. The treatment of clitoromegaly is according to the appearance range of clitoromegaly. Clitoridectomy is a surgical operation in which the size of the clitoris is reduced. But after clitoromegaly, most of the women reported no physical sensation and anatomy, so it is controversial.

What is Clitoromegaly

Clitoromegaly is a condition in which the clitoris is more prominent in size than usual. The clitoris is the part of the female external genital system. Naturally, the clitoris is of various sizes in different women. But in clitoromegaly, the size of the clitoris is abnormally large. There may be many reasons behind clitoromegaly, some of them are as follows;

  • It may occur during puberty.
  • Due to an atypical hormonal shift.
  • Sometimes it is present by birth and develops during fetal development in pregnancy.
  • The reason behind in born clitoromegaly may be DSD.

Clitoromegaly is not a pathological condition, but it indicates an abnormality in hormones (if it occurs later in life). The patient should consult a doctor if she needs any treatment. The clitoris is the homolog to the penis. During fetal development, the genital organ of females develops into a clitoris, and in males, it develops into a penis. In the case of clitoromegaly, during the development of female genitals, the fetus is more exposed to masculinizing hormones. And due to this, the size of the clitoris becomes enlarged, leading to clitoromegaly.

The clitoris is the part of the external genitals of women. It is a visible part of the external genitals in women. It can be easily seen outside the body. But in some cases, it is not visible outside the body and remains inside because of its small size. The clitoris may also become enlarged due to the administration of anabolic steroids i.e., testosterone. Clitoromegaly has a range of its appearance i.e., it may range from a clitoromegaly in women (abnormally large clitoris) to a proper normal male external genital appearance. When we discuss the anatomy of the clitoris, the usual size of the clitoris by width is 3 to 4 mm and by length is 4 to 5 mm. While in the case of clitoromegaly, the size increases i.e., 35mm ( product of crosswise width and lengthwise).

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition in which the size of the clitoris is abnormally large than usual. As the name indicates, the clitoro means clitoris and megaly mean an increase in size. The clitoris is the main part of the external female genitalia. It can be seen easily from outside the body. Basically, the clitoris is the homolog of the penis in men. During fetal development, the external genital parts either develop into a penis or clitoris. In clitoromegaly, the size of the clitoris is abnormally large. It more looks like a swollen clitoris. There may be many reasons behind it. It may be acquired later in life or develop during pregnancy.
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