What are Clitoromegaly Symptoms?

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition in which the clitoris in women is bigger In size than usual. The clitoris is the part of the external genitalia of women. It can be seen outside the body, but in some women, it is hidden inside the body. It is a rare condition and does no harm. This condition may be acquired or may present by birth. There are various reasons behind clitoromegaly. When we talk about its symptoms, it's appearance is the 1st sign. The physical appearance of clitoromegaly is described in a range.

The range consists of some stages or forms in which clitoromegaly may look like. The 1st form or appearance in the range is a slight enlargement of the clitoris in women. The increased size is visible and can be seen outside the body. Talking about the last form or appearance of clitoromegaly in women, it looks more like a penis (male genitalia). The enlargement of the clitoris may be due to an infection or medical issue, so the symptoms will be according to the root cause. Women may feel discomfort and pain and swell due to infection in the clitoris. If proper care is not provided to the infection, then it may get worse, and the symptoms will not disappear till surgery. The patient should consult a doctor if the following symptoms appear.

What are Clitoromegaly Symptoms

  1. When swelling occurs for more than 2 days and causes irritation along with itching and discomfort, then there may be an infection or any other medical issue.
  2. If the color of the clitoris turns red and causes discomfort. Along with these symptoms, the patient may feel the heat in the vaginal region.
  3. The patient may feel discharge from the vagina. The watery discharge may be colorless and produces bad odor.
  4. Other than these, the patient may experience blisters on the external genitalia of women. These blisters may be full of water, or we can say fluid. Bursting of these blisters causes rash and itching on the skin.
  5. Itching is a common symptom of clitoromegaly.
  6. The patient may feel pain during urination. The pain may be intense according to the condition severity.
  7. There may be bleeding in the vaginal region. Bleeding may be due to the itching and scratching of the clitoris.
  8. These are the main symptoms that appear along with clitoromegaly. All the symptoms are localized and not systemic. There may be no problem in sexual attachment with a partner. But if the infection got worse, then even slight touching may cause pain and rash.

This was all about the symptoms of clitoromegaly. If some other symptoms appear, then these may be due to the underlying cause. For example, if the clitoromegaly is acquired, then the abnormal increase in the level of hormones leads to some specific symptoms. If an increased amount of testosterone is administered, then some other symptoms, along with clitoromegaly, may also occur. If the clitoromegaly is present by birth and was developed during fetal development, then the symptoms may vary according to the root cause. The treatment of clitoromegaly also depends upon the symptoms because sometimes treating the cause may ultimately treat clitoromegaly.
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