What is Clitoromegaly Treatment?

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition in which the size of the clitoris increases due to any reason. As the name indicates, the clitoro means the clitoris and megaly means an increase in size. The clitoris is the main part of female external genitalia. It can be easily seen outside the body. In the case of Clitoromegaly, the clitoris looks like it is swollen. There may be many reasons behind Clitoromegaly. So the treatment is designed according to the cause behind it. Some treatment options are fairly used to treat Clitoromegaly.

If Clitoromegaly occurs due to the allergic reaction. Then patient 1st has to avoid using that product, which is causing the allergy. Patients should avoid using allergic products and clothes. The patient is advised to apply an ointment named cortisone cream. It is an over the counter product. It reduces irritation and itching of the clitoris. Estrogen cream is also recommended along with a sitz bath. As these can help in erasing symptoms.

In case of any infection, antibiotic therapy is used. The infection may be fungal or bacterial. Oral antibiotics are preferred in such cases. The antibiotics are over the counter drugs, or sometimes cream is recommended.

If there is any endocrine gland problem, then hormonal therapy is recommended. The androgen's level is abnormally increased due to problems in endocrine. Hormone therapy helps a lot in reducing the increased size of the clitoris. Sometimes doctors suggest reduction surgery, which will help in reducing the size of the clitoris.

If Clitoromegaly is due to ovarian tumor, then there are various treatment options which may be used according to the severity. These options include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy. All these help to treat ovarian cancer, and ultimately, clitoromegaly is treated. If Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is the cause behind it, then clitoroplasty is recommended. Clitoroplasty is the surgical operation that is performed to reduce the size of the clitoris.

When we talk about surgical operation i.e., clitoroplasty, it is performed with the help of surgical equipment and methods. It is a minor surgery and can be performed very easily. But after surgery, patients have to avoid routine activities for 3 to 4 days. There are some complications that are related to clitoroplasty.

The patient may feel numbness in the clitoris. There may be excessive bleeding after surgery. If the wound is not successfully healed, then there may be an infection. And this infection causes further problems like swelling and itching and redness. Patients have to avoid sexual intercourse until all the complications subside. The patient has to wait for all the complete healing of the wound and recovery of symptoms, and then she is allowed to have her time with her partner.

PCOS is also responsible for causing Clitoromegaly. So treating PCOS will help a lot in treating Clitoromegaly. Hormonal therapy is recommended in the case of PCOS because the hormones are disturbed i.e., the level of androgens increases, which leads to Clitoromegaly. Testosterone is the hormone that usually increases and leads to Clitoromegaly.
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