What is Mild Clitoromegaly?

Clitoromegaly is a condition in which the size of clitoris is increased up to an abnormal level. It's name indicates the condition i.e. clitoro means clitoris and megaly means increase in size. The clitoris is part of external genitalia in women. It can be easily seen outside the body. In some cases, the clitoris is not prominent outside the body. Basically clitoris is the homologue to penis in men. After mating of sperm and egg, the zygote start developing in to a fetus. There are both male and female hormones which are responsible for development of sex organs. Increased level of female hormones (estrogen) leads to the development of clitoris and in men male hormones (androgens) leads to the development of penis. During development, there may be many reasons leading to Clitoromegaly .

There is a range of appearance of Clitoromegaly in women. The range consists of different forms or phases. From slight swollen appearance to a proper penile appearance. The symptoms of Clitoromegaly are according to the cause behind it. The Clitoromegaly , on the basis of severity, is divided in to three main conditions i.e. mild, moderate and severe. In mild form of Clitoromegaly , there is not much swelling of clitoris. And the symptoms are also light. Women may take it light and does not think about consulting with doctor. It may occur for some time and then resolve on it's own without any specific treatment plan. In case of mild Clitoromegaly , patient may feel slight pain and itching.

What is Mild Clitoromegaly

It may be due to an allergy. If there is an allergic reaction, then avoiding the product or clothing responsible for it help a lot in treatment. If a fungal infection or bacterial infection leads to Clitoromegaly then antibiotic therapy will help to treat it. An ointment or oral dosage form of antibiotics can treat it and in case patient do not want to go through surgery. Surgery is performed only in severe cases. In mild Clitoromegaly cases, ointments and creams work. Some over the counter drugs also help a lot. Mild Clitoromegaly have only few reasons behind it like allergic reaction and fungal or bacterial infection. So treating these two conditions will automatically treat Clitoromegaly . Other causes of Clitoromegaly may lead it to severe or moderate form of Clitoromegaly .

Moderate form of Clitoromegaly is mostly seen in case of adrenal hyperplasia and PCOS etc. The mild form of Clitoromegaly can be controlled easily and patient does not have to worry about it. Applying ointments and creams on it as prescribed by the doctor will make it better within days. The recovery is fast in mild Clitoromegaly . It will roughly take 1 to 2 weeks to recover. But patient have to avoid contact with her partner to ensure full recovery and best results of treatment. In case of hormonal disturbance, the hormonal therapy is preferred and this will take time to recover Clitoromegaly . As there may be further many reasons behind it. So picking up the right reason is a difficult task but helpful.
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