What is Moderate Clitoromegaly?

Clitoromegaly is a condition in which the size of the clitoris is increased up to an abnormal level. Its name indicates the condition, i.e., clitoro means clitoris and megaly means an increase in size. The clitoris is part of external genitalia in women. It can be easily seen outside the body. In some cases, the clitoris is not prominent outside the body. Basically, the clitoris is the homologue to the penis in men. After mating sperm and egg, the zygote starts developing into a fetus. There are both male and female hormones that are responsible for the development of sex organs. Increased level of female hormones (estrogen) leads to the development of the clitoris, and in men, male hormones (androgens) lead to the development of the penis. During development, there may be many reasons leading to Clitoromegaly.

Clitoromegaly might be of different forms depending upon their root cause. Moderate clitoromegaly might be due to some kind of allergy, infection, or due to any other pathological condition. Another cause of mild clitoromegaly is an increase in the number of cells, which termed as clitoral hypertrophy. This condition may lead to severe clitoromegaly if it is associated with any infection or pathological condition.

What is Moderate Clitoromegaly?

In the case of moderate Clitoromegaly, the patient may feel slight pain and itching and redness of the clitoris. Some time burning sensation is core symptoms associated with moderate clitoromegaly due to the underlying inflammatory process. Though clitoral infection is not a common thing, it might a cause of mild Clitoromegaly that leads to severe Clitoromegaly.

In moderate Clitoromegaly cases, hormonal therapy and some drugs work. Some over the counter drugs also help a lot. Moderate Clitoromegaly has only a few reasons behind it, like an allergic reaction and fungal infection and hormonal disturbance due to adrenal hyperplasia. So treating these conditions will automatically treat Clitoromegaly. Other causes of Clitoromegaly may lead it to a severe form of Clitoromegaly.

Treatment of Mild clitoromegaly is not necessary until and unless it causes intense pain or infection is suspected. In case there are no physical symptoms like pain, burning, itching, or inflammation, then simple homemade remedies are very beneficial. Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area because it provides localized soothing action. Aloe vera also helps in a number of skin problems like dermatitis, itching, psoriasis, etc. Take Epsom salt bah, which is very famous for its properties like a soothing agent, anti-itching agent, antiseptic solutions, and PH stabilizer.
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