What is Severe Clitoromegaly?

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition in which the clitoris is increased in size than usual. It can be easily defined with it's name i.e. clitoro means clitoris and megaly means increase in size. Clitoris is a part of female external genitalia and can be easily seen outside the body. Only in rare cases, it is inside the body. In clitoromegaly, the clitoris is all outside the body due to swelling or we can say increase in size. Due to swelling the clitoris become red in color and patient may feel itching.

Clitoromegaly is not a pathological condition because it is just enlargement in size of clitoris and there is nothing more than this. Clitoromegaly is a medical condition which requires treatment according to its underlying cause. There are two main categories regarding causes of clitoromegaly. 1st one is congenital cause (contains congenital adrenal hyperplasia) and other one is acquired cause (contains many causes of creating clitoromegaly). The congenital causes include congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It further have some causes behind it. These kind of causes lead to severe clitoromegaly and treating them is a difficult task. Hormonal therapy is recommended in such cases.

What is Severe Clitoromegaly

The appearance of clitoromegaly matters a lot. In severe cases, the clitoris resembles a lot with a penis or we can say it has a penile appearance. This can only be corrected with the help of surgery. Other causes may include  increased intake or increased exposure of body to testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone which is the type of androgen. Androgens are male hormones which are responsible for development of penis in men. Penis is the homologue of clitoris in women.

So when the level of androgens increases in body, the clitoris become swell and looks more like penis. It makes the situation worse and a surgical procedure is required to treat it. Surgery is only recommended in severe cases, but in mind or moderate cases, it is recommended to treat it with the help of medication and hormonal therapy. Symptoms regarding severe cases may include the following;

  • Patient may feel severe itching and pain in the clitoris and surrounding region. 
  • There will be more more swelling and redness. 
  • Patient feels uncomfortable while walking or running because it can easily touch the clothing and sides leading to uncomfortable walking and running. 
  • In severe cases, there may be pain in the clitoris and the surrounding region. 
  • Along with all these symptoms, patient have to avoid contact with her partner because sexual interaction can make it worse. Even patient can't bear the pain generating due to sexual excitement. 
  • All these symptoms can be treated with the help of surgery. Along with surgery, the other treatment plans are also followed. Like along with surgical correction, patient have to take antibiotics to avoid infection. If any allergy is the cause, then anti allergic products are used along with surgical procedure. 
  • In severe cases of clitoromegaly, patient can't move properly because of swelling in the clitoris so mostly patients demand emergency treatment.
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