What is Clitoromegaly Surgery?

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition which can be treated with a surgery named clitoroplasty. Clitoroplasty is a surgical procedure which corrects the shape of clitoris and reduces its size. Clitoroplasty is a specially designed surgical procedure which is performed to improve the appearance of clitoris in women. It is also performed in people transforming their gender from male to female.

Clitoroplasty is also known as clitoral hood reduction. It is named so, because it reduces the clitoral hood in some patients. Clitoroplasty is performed in Clitoromegaly but it is not specified to it. It can also be performed in many other clitoral disorders like clitoral prepuce. In Clitoromegaly the clitoral hood is reduced to the original size and as a result the overall size of clitoris is reduced.

What is Clitoromegaly Surgery

Clitoroplasty is performed for two main purposes 1st one is cosmetic purpose and 2nd one is for medical purpose. When it is performed for a medical reason like Clitoromegaly, then the main purpose is to restore the appearance of clitoris which was changed due to any infection or trauma. It is performed in case of a congenital disorder i.e. congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Patient who require clitoroplasty are the one who suffer from following conditions.

  • Clitoromegaly or clitoral hypertrophy is the main reason. It is defined as enlargement of clitoris than usual due to any disease like polycystic ovary syndrome or due to the side effect of medications. These medications may be testosterone supplements and anabolic steroids. 
  • Patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It is a birth defect in which the clitoris is larger in size than usual. There may be shallow vagina due to Gene mutations. 
  • Patients having large clitoral hood. These clitoral hood can lead to reduced sexual sensations in women. 
  • Any trauma or injury in clitoris leads to problem in it which can be treated with clitoroplasty. 
  • Patients who wants to change their gender from male to female. 
  • Some women prefer it to improve their genital appearance. 

Now talking about the procedure of clitoroplasty, it is a minor surgical procedure. It can be performed in the office of surgeon under the effect of local anesthesia. It will take less than an hour to complete. The recovery time is short because it is a minor surgery and patient recover fast. Patient may come back to her routine within 2 to 3 days. After clitoroplasty, patient is strictly advised to stay away from her partner untill all the wound and swelling disappear or heal completely. The manner of surgery depends upon the purpose like whether it is performed for length reduction or clitoral reconstruction.

  • In case of clitoral hood, the excessive skin around clitoris is removed and the clitoris is pulled up. After that the exact shape is stitched.  
  • There are some complications and risks related to the clitoroplasty. Some of them are described as follows.
  • There may be a scar left due to surgery, discoloration of skin, infection, tissue buildup, there may be excessive bleeding due to which blood level falls, necrosis and numbness.
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