What is Clitoromegaly associated with PCOS?

Clitoromegaly is a condition in which the size of clitoris increases than usual. The size of clitoris varies from individual to individual but exceeding to a problematic level may cause harm to patient. Clitoris is the part of external  female genitalia. It can easily be seen outside the body but in Clitoromegaly, it is abnormally large and cause irritation on touch with clothes and body.  Clitoromegaly may occur due to many reasons and PCOS is one of them. PCOS means polycystic ovarian syndrome. In this syndrome, the hormones are disturbed and specifically the level of male hormones increases.

Male hormones are androgens and the androgen responsible for causing Clitoromegaly is testosterone. The period span increases in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. This disturbance in hormones of women lead to Clitoromegaly. Polycystic ovarian syndrome develops in the age of development. Various small fluid follicles are produced in ovaries and these follicles do not let ovary to release eggs. PCOS is not the common cause of Clitoromegaly because it does not develop in every women. Hormonal therapy is used to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome. Pcos itself is a cause of Clitoromegaly but there are many causes leading to PCOS like Genetic problem, insulin resistance, obesity and last but not least inflammation in body. Talking about the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome, other than Clitoromegaly, heavy bleeding occurs along with irregular menstrual cycle.

What is Clitoromegaly associated with PCOS

Women may experience hairs on her body. Increased no. of male hormones lead to weight gain and acne. In rare cases, women may experience baldness and severe headache. Dark patches are formed on the skin. Hormonal therapy is the only treatment designed for polycystic ovarian syndrome because it is an abnormality in hormonal level. The increased level of androgens in body leads to the penile appearance in place of clitoris. Clitoromegaly has a scale on the basis of appearance of clitoris. This range starts from a slight swelling and enlargement of clitoris to proper penile appearance of clitoris.

And the treatment plan is designed according to it. If polycystic ovarian syndrome is the reason behind Clitoromegaly then along with surgical correction of clitoris, syndrome is also treated with its specified treatment plan. The treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome consist of birth control pills. Birth control pills contains estrogen and progestin which restores the level of female hormones and reduce the level of androgens i.e. testosterone. Metformin is also prescribed to regulate the level of insulin.

Because polycystic ovarian syndrome reduces the level of insulin in body. Clomiphene is another drug which is also known as fertility drug. This drug helps a lot in pregnancy. As polycystic ovarian syndrome promote hair growth on body. And hair removal medicines are used to remove these hair. Eflornithine is the hair removal medicine. These medicines do not permanently remove hair but weaken their roots and then laser or electrolysis treatment helps to remove them permanently. Now talking about surgery, surgical procedure i.e. clitoroplasty is performed for surgical correction of clitoris in Clitoromegaly.
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