What are HyperSpermia Causes?

Hyperspermia is a condition in which the volume of sperms increases up to an abnormal level upon every ejaculation. There is an upper limit i.e., 5.5 ml. If the volume of sperms or semen crosses this limit in a single ejaculation, it indicates the presence of hyperspermia. Hyperspermia might be a pathophysiological condition and a rare one. There is a range of volume of sperms i.e., 6 ml to 6.5 ml, which equals 0.2 to 0.22 fluid ounce. When the volume exceeds this upper limit of the range, it indicates the presence of hyperspermia. It cannot be diagnosed in a single ejaculation, because repetitive ejaculation if the increased volume of sperms or semen indicates hyperspermia. There are various factors which are responsible for causing hyperspermia. Some of the main causes are described below;

Men who use devices to boost up their sexual activity may develop hyperspermia with the passage of time. These devices boost up sexual activity but make the sperm non-functional.
There are some drugs that are used to increase the stamina of sexual activity. But these drugs induce hyperspermia in men. It may also be an adverse effect of these boosting drugs. These drugs act by thinning the sperms and semen, but this thinning, in turn, increases the volume of sperms and leads to hyperspermia.

What are HyperSpermia Causes

Other than drugs, there are some treatments and surgeries which may also induce hyperspermia in men. We can say that hyperspermia is the side effect of various treatments and surgeries.
Consumption of steroids with high potency is also responsible for causing hyperspermia.
Taking a protein diet in an increased amount is another factor that increases the production of sperms and semen in men. This increased production leads to the accumulation of sperms and semen in testicles and leads to hyperspermia.

Taking diet, which is rich in fiber and nutrients, cause hyperspermia. Because this kind of diet increases the production of sperms in men. And increased production leads to accumulation and, in turn, causes hyperspermia.

There is another cause which depends upon the gap between sexual activity. As the increased gap between sexual activity leads to the accumulation of sperms in men, and when they do any sexual act, the increased volume of sperms discharges in a single ejaculation.

All the above-mentioned factors help a lot in understanding the hyperspermia. All the treatment options which are recommended to treat hyperspermia are selected according to the cause behind it.
All these causes can individually or collectively may cause hyperspermia. Collectively in a way as if a person is taking drugs for sexual boost up but also doesn't have any sexual activity, so both of these conditions will lead to hyperspermia. In most instances, this condition resolves on its own and does not require any therapeutic treatment. If this condition is happening due to steroidal drugs, then the reversal of steroids is necessary to have normal ejaculation volume.
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