What is HyperSpermia Treatment?

Hyperspermia is a condition in which the volume of sperms release in a single ejaculation exceeds the upper limit of volume. The upper limit of sperms released in single ejculation is 5.5 ml. When this limit is crossed, it indicates the presence of hyperspermia. It may occur due to many reasons discussed in previous article. It is a medical condition which may does not harm men until it leads to infertility. It has some prominent symptoms that's why it's diagnosis is easy and treatment can be started on time. When we talk about treatment of hyperspermia, there is not any proper treatment for hyperspermia.

Hyperspermia can be treated by avoiding the causes which leads to hyperspermia. It does not require treatment until it causes some sexual problems.  There are various treatment options which may be selected according to the leading cause. It is a problem which can be cured by following some prevention and some home remedies. There are various herbs and medicines available for hyperspermia. Along with these, there are some physical exercises and injections which may help treat hyperspermia.

What is HyperSpermia Treatment

There are some drugs which are used to enhance or boost up sexual activity. Patient is advised to stop using these drugs if he is on them. If patient is on narcotics, then he have to stop taking them because excessive use of narcotics can cause hyperspermia. If the use of narcotics is stopped, then hyperspermia can be treated. If patient experience excessive seminal fluid along with hyperspermia, then patient have to consult doctor on time. And the treatment should be according to the physician prescribed medicines. There are some dietary modifications which are required to treat hyperspermia. Patient is advised to take diet which is not rich in proteins. As protein rich diet helps in the production of sperms and ultimately leads to hyperspermia.

Patient may have two types of texture of sperms released in every ejaculation in hyperspermia. The volume may be gross and messy and thick or it may be of thin consistency with a lot of volume.
Patient is advised to do some exercise, as it helps a lot in treating hyperspermia. Hyperspermia has a main risk or we can say complication i.e. it causes infertility. The treatment or prevention is necessary in hyperspermia because negligence may lead to infertility and it will be difficult to cure infertility.

Hyperspermia may also affect patient psychologically. This is so because their partners might complain about thick stream of sperms in every ejaculation and excessive volume. And patient feels uncomfortable after every discharge in sexual activity which makes their partner unhappy and irritated. It affects the mental health of patient and leads to stress, depression and anxiety. So patient sometimes use medications of anxiety and depression for these psychological issues.
Other than these, some injections are also available to treat hyperspermia. These injections helps to reduce the production of sperms in men. These injections are recommended because of fast onset of action.

There are some herbs which are introduced to treat hyperspermia and these herbs are effective as well.
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