Seo Jin Woo Hyperthymesia in Korean TV drama series Remember War of the Son

Remember (war of the son) is a South Korean TV drama series with leading character Seo Jin-woo. It was on air on December 9, 2015, and end on February 18, 2016. It consists of 20 episodes on-screen every Thursday and Wednesday at 9: 55 pm. Yoo Seung-ho, park sung woong, park min young, namkoong min, and Jung hye sung were cast in this TV drama series. This drama series was written by Yoon Hyun-ho. It was a melodrama and thriller genre movie. The villain of this series did an outstanding performance and won an excellence award in 5th APAN star awards. Seo Jin-woo was the hero of series.

He was dropped out of high school, and in his childhood, he lost his mother and brother in a car accident. He lived with his father. Seo Jin-woo suffered from hyperthymesia (a condition in which a person can recall his past memory perfectly and accurately without any hesitation). He remembers his past perfectly. His father, in series named Seo Jae Hyuk, was totally opposite to him because he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease in which a person forgets about things and sometimes lost his past memory.

Seo Jin Woo Hyperthymesia in Korean TV drama series Remember War of the Son

In this drama series, SeoJae hyuk was convicted wrongfully to attempt murder of a female college student, and cops arrested him. Then his son fights for him. Seo Jin-woo, with his extraordinary memory, becomes a lawyer after 4 years and collects every fact with witness and proof. Then he reopened his father's case and fight for his innocence. He tries his best to free his father, but bribery, corruption, and betrayals hinder him on his way to justice. His super memory helped him a lot in solving his father's case, and at last, he becomes successful in making his father free.

Remember is totally about the effort of a hero to free his father. That's why it is named as remember the war of the son. There are many other main characters who assist him in series. Park dong ho was a famous lawyer with a hundred percent success he helped Seo Jin-woo by heart but not professionally because he signed a contract under an elite company named "ll ho" he also revealed that accident happened 2 years back was the same in which Jin's father lost his memory. Lee, in ah, was cast as a heroine of remembering TV drama series. She was the only one who believed Seo Jin-woo.

She was prosecuted by profession and helped him a lot. Nam Gyu Man was a real criminal in series who murdered the victim. Jung Hye sung was another main character in remember as a friend of lee in ah and sister of Nam Gyu Man. Other than these characters, there were many supporting characters in this series. This film was specially cast to describe hyperthymesia or Hyperthymestic syndrome. This TV drama series explain hyperthymesia in detail and people aware of it. This series also won an award in 5th APAN star awards.
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