Total Recall Memory & Hyperthymesia

Total recall memory is another name of hyperthymesia. In which people can recall full past memory. In simple words, people with hyperthymesia have highly superior autobiographical memory HSAM, which means they can easily recall their past life totally without any hesitation. Mostly they recall they are their personal events and experiences they had. It is also said that people with total recall memory have excessive memory to store each and every detail of activities and experiences.

They have the ability to recall almost every day of their life with an exact date. People who suffered from hyperthymesia state that they experience uncontrollable associations while recalling a memory. When they see any time, an image clicks in their mind regarding that date. People with hyperthymesia have a plus point that they do not have to remember anything actively or with proper attention. They remember everything on their own. They do not even have to think hard to recall anything. There are many other conditions which are similar to hyperthymesia, but it has a sharp memory.

Total Recall Memory & Hyperthymesia

People with total recall memory have extra capacity to store memories in the brain. It is a rare condition. Normal people have to try to memorize everything they experience, but people with hyperthymesia remember it without effort. People with an average mind use mnemonics to memorize different things. There is a big difference in people with total recall memory and who taught themselves to memorize things.

As people with Hyperthymestic syndrome mostly recall autobiographical events so we can say that it is not or less about facts and more about things that happened to them personally. Some people mix it with another condition named savant. But savant is a different condition from hyperthymesia because in savant people do not remember or can memorize information about autobiographical events. Autistic savants have an unusual interest in memorizing dates. They are obsessed to note down dates of events and remember them.

Scientists revealed that basic physiology behind Hyperthymestic syndrome is an enlargement of the temporal lobe and caudate nucleus. When it became enlarge, it is able to store more memories than usual. Because the temporal lobe is associated with memory storage and memory regulation. Enlargement of the temporal lobe occurs as a result of an injury or accident. Sometimes people have the normal brain capacity of memorizing, but after injury or accident, their temporal lobe gets enlarged, and a person starts feeling like he has a super autobiographical memory and total recall memory.

People with hyperthymesia or total recall memory reported that they remember anything in the form of episodes. A semantic clue is received when they see anything intriguing, this clue initiates thought, and people start remembering that event associated with this image. The total event comes in mind in the form of episodes one thought after another. Sometimes people with total recall memory feel that they are cursed because they consider it a burden to remember everything that happened to them in life. Especially when something really bad happened to them in the past.
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