Marilu Henner Memory & Hyperthymesia

Marilu henner is a famous actress and author. She worked as a heroine named Elaine Nardo in a TV sitcom taxi. She also published a book named “total memory makeover”. In this book she described her own life with super memory i.e. hyperthymesia and also wrote some instructions about how to unlock memories and access our own private calendars of brain she called them tracks. She explained that when we try to be on our track, memories will come in a series in its specific pattern.

She instruct people to remember an intriguing thing which may be an image, date or day, sound or a specific smell and memories will follow it. It is said that she has a super memory. She remember almost every event of her life with exact date and day. In an interview, she said that whenever someone give her a date or time for appointment she do not have to remember it she just have a look on list of appointments and its all get saved in her mind.

Marilu henner Memory & Hyperthymesia

She also said that she do not even have to remember script she just go through script and she is ready to act. She said that being an actress she learned about how to control her memories flooding and explore them accurately without hesitation. Henner as an actress worked in many TV shows like ER and in many films like “Man on the moon”. She can remember almost every day from her past life. She remember every normal to important days of her life. She said that these memories come in her mind in the form of short movies moving simultaneously.

Almost 12 people have been diagnosed with hyperthymesia till now and Marilu henner is one of them. Her condition is clearly shown in a movie named “limitless” in which Bradley Cooper had a pill and suddenly he remember his past life perfectly and easy to recall. Henner told about her 1st ever memory and it was her own baptism. She said she only remember water and white. She expressed her feeling and said she feels like looking out from her body. She can recall more accurate events from her past life like when she was selected as an actress to role as Elaine Nardo.

She recalled every single date of her 1st movie. On June 4, 1978 she was hired as Elaine Nardo. She further explained, it was Sunday and she was found at the premier party “Grease”. Her 1strehearsal was on July 5th, 1978. It was Wednesday and her 1st shot was released on 14th of same month. She also remember that it was Friday on 14th of July 1978. Marilu henner said that she is very happy with her super memory and it proved beneficial for her career as an actress. For Marilu henner, her sharp memory made her life priceless and excited. She is taking full advantage of her special and rare quality and utilizing it in a right way.
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