Fictional Characters with Hyperthymesia

There are many stories written in books as an example of hyperthymesia Like in a short story named "Funes the memorious," written by Jorge Luis Borges. In this book, he wrote about a protagonist who had an accident and suffered from a head injury. After recovery, he feels a great change in his memorizing capability. He felt that his memory was getting sharper every day, but he started counting it a curse. This is not a Hyperthymestic condition, but it resembles much.

There are many other books explaining hyperthymesia some of them are as follows:

Gangsta is a book wrote by kohske in 2011. He described a character named worick Arcangelo, who helped police forces to identify victims of murder.

Likewise, a novel named "and she was," written by Alison gaylin, also described a character named.
Brenna Spector, who worked as a private detective with her super mind.

In 2015 another novel was introduced named "memory man." David Baldacci was its author. He described a character named Amos decker suffering from hyperthymesia. Amos' decker after a head injury got hyperthymesia, and then he solved a murder case of his wife and child with his super memory mind.

Fictional Characters with Hyperthymesia

Hyperthymesia Characters on Television
Like books, Hyperthymestic condition is also described in television programs. Like in a TV program in 2011 named "you must remember this" shows a character of a waitress who suffered from hyperthymesia.

In 2011 another TV program named "unforgettable" was all about a man suffering from hyperthymesia. He worked as a police detective to find criminals.

Likewise, a Korean drama serial named "remember" (2015 to 2016) is centered on a character named Seo Jin-woo, suffering from hyperthymesia.

BBC TV series named "Doctors" also described the main character with hyperthymesia. This TV series was on air in 2017.

Hyperthymesia Characters in Films
As mentioned above, after books and television films are also describing Hyperthymestic characters. A film was released in 2014 named "The dark place." The main character in the film named Keegan Dark has Hyperthymestic syndrome. Keegan does not waste his quality, but he utilizes it and solves a mystery right in mid of the story.

Director showed his thoughts in the form of scenes on-screen, which appear to Keegan. These thoughts appear to Keegan's overwhelming or distress pattern. There are many other films that describe the Hyperthymestic character in the form of a detective and a helping man with a super mind.
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