Automatonophobia Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The human nature is very different and the most people always have a phobia of different types. Generally, term phobia means a threat which a person may have from anything like a figure, place or statute. In these days, many people have Automatonophobia that is becoming a trendier mental, physical and emotional state of a person. Usually, this is a fear of humanoid robots, pictures, animatronics, wax figures and other statutes that are made to represent the human appearance and physical strength. The fear of such figures exists in teenagers, youngsters and the ladies more than men and boys.

When it comes to knowing what is Automatonophobia, then you will find three big and more common types of this phobia. Usually, these types of phobia will be Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, and Specific Phobia. The people having this disorder or complication get confused and terrified by viewing the wax figures and animatronics. Actually, this is not a disorder or health complication, but it is perfectly a psychological issue that is easier to handle and treat by the experienced, professional and certified psychiatrists. There are some psychological tests to diagnose and confirm this mental disorder in patients.

Automatonophobia Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Automatonophobia Test

However, if a person suffers from a mental disorder like Automatonophobia, then there is no way to test and confirm this mental problem except the psychological verification tests and strategies. Usually, the most psychologists use an online Automatonophobia test as well as a conventional test according to the situations and condition of the patient. Further, the psychologists choose some figures, words, pictures, wax images, statues and many other humanoid robots to question a patient and let him/her tell the right answers. In this way; the emotions, confusion, fear and facial expressions let the psychologists know the intensity of
Automatonophobia and its stage.

Automatonophobia Symptoms

In general, the fear grows up with people since their childhood to the youth and they become unable to remove their fear. Basically, the major signs and symptoms of Automatonophobia are;

  • Fear stays with a person 24 hours
  • No useful and productive thinking
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Losing control
  • Wax figures seem real
  • No ability to differentiate imagination and reality
  • Emotional behavior
  • Shortness of breath
  • Negative and odd reaction
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Crying when seeing these figures etc.

Automatonophobia Causes

Automatonophobia happens due to some unknown and mysterious factors. The most psychologists believe that it happens due to weak temper and lack of courage in the people. Secondly, many doctors and psychologists also consider Automatonophobia may happen if a person has strong beliefs on imagination and he is unable to create differences between imagination and reality. These are very logical and impressive Automatonophobia causes that always exist when a person suffers from Automatonophobia. If the right treatment is not applied, then more probably, the patients will react furiously and wildly that can be more dangerous for others. Psychological treatments are only effective curing method.

Automatonophobia Treatment

Automatonophobia treatment mainly relies on combination of therapy. It includes exposure therapy, psychological therapy and drug therapy. All these therapies are utilized for the management of such phobia. Exposure therapy is very important because patient learns how to manage such panic situation as stable person rather that frightening. Medications are sometimes used if patient is weak psychologically or have depression episodes as well.
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