Piquerism - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Psychology

Sexual disorders are common in the world. However, some sexual disorders get the attention of experts because of the peculiar nature. Piquerism is a special disorder which has been studied by the experts just because of the nature of torture or punishing the victim.

According to the scientific dictionary, Piquerism is a disorder which belongs to the sexual arousal or feeling of a person. Unlike normal sexual feelings, it motivates the patients to penetrate into the body through skin, buttocks, groins or breasts.

With the passage of time, this disorder has been studied extensively worldwide. Scientists and health experts studying the special sexual behaviors, feelings and motivations have observed that patients with Piquerism should be given immediate attention in order to avoid the big losses. It has been observed that victim of this disorder prefers to damage the skin of partner using anything such as needles. There are different case studies available to find the peculiar nature of this sexual disorder. Here are some popular examples recorded worldwide.

Piquerism - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Psychology

Piquerism Psychology

Psychological cases associated with Piquerism are as follows:

Case of Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo was a famous serial killer from the Soviet Union. His case gained special attention because he was impotent. This grabbed the attention of health and sex experts. How could an impotent person get sexual arousal? Studying the life of Andrei explains everything. He could get the sexual pleasure by using a knife to cut the body of partner. He used to cut the people with the help of a knife.

Albert Fish

Studying the case of Albert Fish is interesting because he used the second method to get sexual pleasure. According to police reports, Albert was involved to penetrate several needles in the body of his victims. The most interesting part is that his own body was contained more than 29 needles.

Jack the Ripper

This case is very famous in the history of London. A team studied and analyzed the data in order to conclude that a factor of Piquerism was present in the murders of 1988.

Piquerism Symptoms

A person with the Piquerism spends a normal life. It is hard to identify the symptoms until or unless someone engages with the patient. Following symptoms are common to observe.
  • No interest in natural penetration.
  • A wish to use sharp objects during sexual intercourse.
  • An interest to insert needles or radio cords in the areas such as buttocks, groins and or breasts which may lead to death of the victim.

Piquerism Causes

Finding the cause of Piquerism is little difficult. Unfortunately, Piquerism is a hidden disorder which appears only when a person is caught in abnormal activities. According to the studies conducted by forensic science and clinical science experts, this disorder develops due to any event of sexual abuse in childhood. Experts believe that this case belongs to sexual crimes. Following things may cause Piquerism in a person.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • An event of sexual abuse in which sharp objects were involved.
  • Addiction to sadism (either dominant or a recipient).

 Piquerism  Treatment

Treatment of piquerism mainly depends upon behavioral therapy because it purely a psychological disorder rather any function or structural disorder. In behavioral therapy number of activities are included like question answer session upon victim likes and dislikes, about his/her personal like and about daily activities. In some patients psychologists may use some sedatives or tranquilizers where he finds involvement of depression, psychosis or panic episodes.
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