Bronchophony - Test, Positive, Treatment | Bronchophony vs Egophony

Bronchophony is a critical bronchi disorder that is generally diagnosed by examining the breathing test and reaction of the lungs during a breath. Usually, many people consider egophony and bronchophony similar things, but they are slightly different. Basically, bronchophony is a sound that is created by the Bronchi or lungs and transmits to the voice organs. However, there are many similarities between bronchophony and egophony and both are similar kinds of the breathing complications. The people having smoking and drinking habit will often have this disorder.

When it comes to considering bronchophony, then few important things are necessary to be learned. First of all, the abnormal sound transmission from lungs or bronchi happens that is caused by many factors and infections. Secondly, this disorder becomes more critical and dangerous for the patients if it is not diagnosed, treated and recovered fast. The resonance of the sound goes on increasing, while the pitch also becomes dense as compared to voice appearance and observation in egophony. There are also dozens of reasons and causes of bronchophony that is becoming a common breathing complication in the world.

Bronchophony - Test, Positive, Treatment  Bronchophony vs Egophony

Bronchophony Test

There are many reliable tests to confirm bronchophony in the patients. Initially, the most doctors depend on the stethoscope bronchophony test that is very easy and ordinary. However, the doctors have to examine critical areas around the lungs or bronchi and observe different things, especially the production of sound, delivery and resonance changes. These are compulsory factors and results which are needed to observe. Secondly, the transmission of abnormal sound from Bronchi or lungs will change the pitch of the voice and maybe volume. The doctors put stethoscope at the back as well as at the chest of a patient and ask him/her to say some words that have clear and longer voices.

Bronchophony Test Positive

Bronchophony may indicate critical breathing problem that happens when the lungs are transmitting abnormal sound with changed resonance and pitch. when a doctor examines and tests the patient to declare bronchophony, then there will be three major results or observation. If the sound is abnormal, changed, high resonance and heavy, then it would be the bronchophony test positive. Secondly, if there is no resonance and change in sound when producing in lungs, then it would be a negative test. Further, sometimes it seems there is bronchophony, but during the test, it is clarified that there is no such disorder.

Bronchophony and Egophony

Whenever you set a comparison between the bronchophony and egophony, then you will come to know both disorders a bit similar as well as different. Usually, egophony is the only change in resonance, while pitch and volume of sound don’t change while being produced. Secondly, the bronchophony is the abnormal transmission of the sound that is produced either by lungs or passed through Bronchi. There are also similarities in cases, signs, and tests of both disorders. Egophony is more serious and critical with compared to bronchophony as it may affect the tissues and cells of the lungs. However, the quick diagnoses and right treatments are compulsory in both the disorders.

Bronchophony Treatment

Bronchophony itself is not a disease but it may reflect some serious disorder resinding inside lungs. You health care provider may ask you for other diagnostic tests to rule out those problems. In most cases bronchophony occurs due to solidifcation in lungs either by lung cancer, pneumonia or infection. Infection can be cured via antibiotic therapy like fluoroquinolones while cancer requires chemotherapy.
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