Epicanthal Folds Symptoms

Epicanthic folds is a disorder in which patient have loose upper eyelid skin. This loose skin covers most of the caruncle. Upper eyelid covers inner corner of eye. The fold of upper eyelid runs towards nose side I.e. inner corner. It is a congenital disease which develops during development of fetus. Epicanthic folds are normal at the time of child birth and disappear with the passage of time. But if it persist more than a few days, then it is considered as a problem. And then treatment is followed. Epicanthic folds are a visible disorder which appear on eyes. The main symptom of epicanthic folds is swelling of eyes. Eyes look swollen and small in size. It is most common in Chinese and Japanese and Korean people. Epicanthic folds do not effect vision of patient. Symptoms also appear on the basis of type of epicanthic folds. In epicanthus reversal, the lower part of eye both become swell and show skin folds.

In epicanthus tarsalis, only the upper eyelid show skin folding. Likewise in epicanthus palpebral, both upper and lower part of eye is swollen. In 4th type of epicanthic fold i.e. epicanthus superciliaris, the whole eye is involved from eyebrow to lower lacrimal sac. Symptoms of epicanthic folds are graded on the basis of its severity. In mild epicanthic folds, less than half or one third part of caruncle is covered with epicanthic fold. In moderate epicanthic folds, half of the caruncle is covered with epicanthic fold. In case of severe epicanthic folds, most of the caruncle or whole caruncle is covered with epicanthic fold.

People with epicanthic folds resemble Mongolian people because of their face appearance. Some people believe that, epicanthic folds occur due to excessive pig consumption. People with epicanthic folds have cosmetic appearance. Strabismus is suspected in these people. Pseudoestropia may also present which shows epicanthic folds. Sometimes, visual axis of patient get obstructed due to medial turning of eye. Epicanthic folds may also have associated ptosis in which the upper eyelids are drooped down. Another main symptom of epicanthic folds involve elevated nose bridge. Due to accumulation of skin on upper eyelid area, the tension on skin of nose increases, which leads to elevated nose appearance.  It is considered a main symptom along with eyelid folds. . All these are the prominent features of people who have epicanthic folds.

When these symptoms appear, patient needs some diagnostic tests. And then select a treatment option according to the severity of epicanthic folds. Sometimes treatment is required but mostly it does not require a treatment because it disappears on its own after 3 to 6 months of gestation period. During treatment patient have to avoid some things which may complicate epicanthic folds like over consumption of alcohol. Because alcohol over consumption may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome and ultimately epicanthic folds. Surgery is performed for epicanthic folds in which the inner most layer of caruncle is treated and excessive mass is removed leaving a normal eyelid with proper vision.
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