What is Escharotomy - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The name Escharotomy is referred to a surgical procedure. In this particular procedure the patient suffering from the injuries like the burns are treated. The concept of the surgery revolves around the concept of blood circulation to the wounded parts of the body.

Using the same concept of the surgery the blood circulation is to be restored by treating the skin. To facilitate the circulation of the blood to the wounded parts, there is a technique used in the surgery. Using the technique it is ensured that the circulation of the blood to the unburned tissues of the body.

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Escharotomy Definition

Escharotomy is a way of treating third degree circumferential burns that are mostly found on the chest and the limbs. During the procedure, there is a surgical incision done, the purpose of doing the surgery is to make it sure that the restoration of epidermis and the dermis can be done.

Using the surgical procedures, the prime focus is to treat the sensory nerves. These nerves are completely destroyed as a result of the burns. During the surgery, it is to make it sure that the fatty tissues are to be exposed under the skin, once the fatty tissues are exposed, better circulation of oxygen can then be possible.

What is Escharotomy - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Escharotomy Symptoms

There are some common symptoms that indicate that the patient needs to have the Escharotomy surgery. Any individual sustaining a crash injury may need to have the surgery. Apparently a patient suffering the burn feels tightening of the muscular tissues. Swelling is one the indications that suggests surgery.

Moreover the color of the region that is burned can turn little blue. It is because of the fact that the burned regions after swelling fails to get the blood, eventually that means there is not enough oxygen transported to the burned part of the body including limbs and the neck region.

Escharotomy Causes

Surgical cases in which Escharotomy is done, the tissues that are burned needs to be restored so that skin can get the required blood flow along with the oxygen. In the surgical treatment, cuts onto the skin allow the skin to release the pressure. Once the pressure is released, the blood flow can regularize the supply of oxygen. There are patterns used in the incision, spiral pattern is quite commonly used.

This treatment actually helps surgeons to have the wide open incision procedures. Once the procedure is incision is done, the burned part is wrapped up. The healing of the damaged tissues can then immediately be started.

Escharotomy Treatment

As soon as the skin is burned, the skin can turn into leathery substance. That leathery substance is called eschar. In severe burn cases, the two layers of the skin called dermis and the epidermis is also destroyed, due to the destruction of these two layers there is a greater chance that the tissues may also get damaged.

Due to all these activities inside the skin, the fluid doesn’t get any path to leave the body. As a result the skin may swell because of the fluid trapped inside the eschar. The Escharotomy actually involved incision of the canals so that the skin can expand a little in order to rehabilitate.
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