What is Oculogyric crisis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The Oculogyric crisis is one of the types of disorder that can cause reversible involuntary reactions. These reactions are usually revolves around the eyeballs of the patient. In this crisis, the eye ball muscles are directly affected. Due to the effect onto the eye ball muscles, the eyeballs can twirl cause eyeballs to get fixed at the awkward positions.

The disorder can last few minutes too few hours depending upon the severity of the disorder. According to the research it is found that this particular disorder is more common in females than males. Mostly adults are found to be suffering from this particular disorder.

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Oculogyric crisis Definition

The Oculogyric crisis can be termed as the acute dystonic reactions. As the name suggests this particular reaction can be effect bodily functions particularly eye balls. In other words it can be suggested that the contraction of the muscles is directly involved.

There are many reasons that can play active role in triggering the disorder. Some people are emotionally stressed; this particular reaction can be quite common in emotionally stressed people. Fatigue can cause reasonable damage to the mental and physical health of the body. It can be one of the reasons that can influence the number of acute dystonic reactions like oculogyric disorder.

What is Oculogyric crisis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Oculogyric crisis Symptoms

Like other medical issues, there are some definite symptoms that are associated with the Oculogyric crisis. It is kind of disease that can develop gradually and slowly. Most of the people suffering from this particular disease are found to have a hectic routine.

The disease is a kind of disorder that can be caused by restlessness. Patients suffering from this particular disease may have fixed staring eyes. The position of the eye balls can be right, left or upright or downwards. Not only this, patient suffering from these crises can have widely opened mouth and ocular pain. Eye pain and the tiredness is also one of the common symptoms.

Oculogyric crisis Causes

There can be multiple causes for the Oculogyric crisis.  People who drink too much are prone to this particular disorder. Drugs like cocaine can also play active role in this disorder. Researchers have suggested that people suffering from Parkinson’s disease can have oculogyric disorder as well. Trauma cans also one of the factors that can trigger this particular disorder.

Other causes can be Tourette’s syndrome, multiple Sclerosis and Neurosyphilis. One of the most common causes of disorder is stress. People that are often stressed too much are found to be having disorder. Another reason for the disorder can be Herpes Encephalitis.

Oculogyric crisis Treatment

Like other diseases, the Oculogyric crisis can be treated immediately. There are various suggestions that can be given to the patient suffering from oculogyric disorder. The one common drug than be given to the patient intravenously is Procyclidine. The effects of the drugs given can be observed within 10 to 30 minutes after the infusion.

However there are some alternate drugs that can also be suggested to the patient suffering from the oculogyric disorder. Antipsychotics, anticholinergics and Benadryl can also use as alternative drugs. Proper management and the health care can be of the practices that can also be used to prevent the disorder.
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