What is Agraphia - Meaning, Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Agraphia can be categorized as the disability to write properly. The intelligence of any individual cannot be categorized by the learning ability. Agarphia is a type of issue in which patient doesn’t have any issue with the learning ability but the patients may have trouble in writing skills. The patients with the agraphia are unable to express themselves with the help of writing skills. The problem is majorly concerned with the loss of the ability to write properly. The writing skills are actually compromised in the issue and the patient is unable to deliver or express the thoughts in a proper manner.

Agarphia is a problem in which the patient is handicapped in having the ability to write. The potential of writing skills are actually a major concern in such type of issues. There are multiple factors that can exaggerate the issue. Likewise a patient can have number of strokes. It is also said that the encephalitis can trigger Agraphia in various number of ways. The said issue can lead to a certain type of the injury. The injury can be neurological as well. All of these concerns can lead the problem of Agraphia. The problem can be called as a hereditary problem.

What is Agraphia - Meaning, Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Agraphia Symptoms

There are some definite symptoms that can help identify the issue. There are explicit signs and the symptoms that are associated with Agraphia, but it is not mandatory that all the signs and the symptoms are found at the same time. All the patients suffering from Agraphia may not be having all the symptoms together. The patient suffering from Agraphia is not comfortable with writing at all, most of the patients are found to be reluctant towards the writing exercises. People with Agraphia are often found to be having issues with the letters and making the words. Due to the same problem people cannot have the correct spelling of the words.

Agraphia Test

In most of the cases, the agraphia gets prominent at the early age. If you are concerned that your child is having agraphia than probably you have to notice certain gestures. Likewise if your child is writing with the varied sized letters and there is an uneven or abnormal kind of spacing between the letters then there is a high probability that the child is suffering from agraphia. High percentage of incorrect words is another indication that is sufficient to understand the problem. Agraphia can be genetic as well; it can be a type of disorder that can pass onto the generations as well.

Agraphia Causes

Agraphia might be associated with brain disorder like dementia, parkinson disease, traumatic brain injury, lesion in temporal lobe or cerebrovascular impairment. Lexical agraphia is often connected with impairment of angular gyrus and temporal cortex while deep agraphia involves damage to angular gyrus and posterior temporal cortex and medulla. Motor function disorder may also be cause of agraphia in some patients due to difficulty in body movements.

Agraphia Treatment

There are multiple ways that are adopted in order to overcome the disease. But the most effective one is the use of the computer. People with agraphia can use the computer for typing rather than writing. The typical can be beneficial in number of ways. First of all patients can concentrate on grammar rather than making it sure that the spellings are correct. Secondly it can help people focus on word formation as well. There are various stages of the writing skills that can be taught to the people having agraphia. The idea of making them write onto the computer is to help them grab thoughts and focus.
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