What is Mesenteric Panniculitis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The mesenteric panniculitis is an uncommon, chronic and benign fibrous rabble-rousing disease. This disease usually affects mesentery disposed tissue of colon and the small intestine. Ever since the discovering of this disease the scientists have not been able to discover the particular etiology.

In order to diagnose this kind of disease the computerized tomography is usually suggested and the conformation is usually done through surgical biopsy. This disease has different types and treated in different ways. It is important to start treatment of this condition on time in order to eradicate it completely.

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Mesenteric Panniculitis Definition

It is also known as the uncommon inflammatory disease mostly affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue within the small bowel area or mesentery.This case is typified with small intestine blockage. This condition was formally called as retractile mesentery by Jura in 1024. After that it was renamed to mesenteric panniculitis in 1960 by Odgen. While there are several other terms used to explain this disease.

What is Mesenteric Panniculitis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Mesenteric Panniculitis Symptoms

The symptom of mesenteric panniculitis is known to be related to the affected system of the body. The symptom may last for specific time span which may be within one year or less. While there may not be obvious symptoms to this disease, the manifestation is always different base on individual as well as the case scenario. Some of the possible symptoms include:

•    Different intensity of abdominal pains
•    Undue loss of appetite
•    Nausea
•    Back Pain
•    Abdominal fullness
•    Fever
•    Weight Loss
•    Palpable abdominal mass
•    Diarrhea or constipation
•    Blood passage through the rectum.

Mesenteric Panniculitis Causes

The mesenteric panniculitis is a health condition without particular known cause. In fact, till now, medical professionals are still not sure the possible factors that cause this disease. Nevertheless, there are some predisposing factors known to trigger this disease. Those that have undergone surgery are mostly the ones that suffer from this disease.

Other contributing factor to the cause of this disease is the tumor as well as other conditions that result to abdomen inflammation.  Some of the autoimmune diseases such as SLE, thyroid are known to contribute in causing this disease. There are many other progressive diseases known to contribute in causing this disease.

Mesenteric Panniculitis Treatment

One thing about mesenteric panniculitis disease is that there is no definite treatment to it. But, it can be treated base on the severity of the condition. Due to the fact that finding exact condition of this disease is not difficult it is always important to carry out correct diagnosis.

This disease can be treated with therapy and some of the common medications that include: Tamoxifen, steroids, colchicines, antibiotics, cyclophosphamide, progesterone and others. Among other cortiscosteriod, the prednisone is known for the most favorable effect in treatment of this disease. In case when the medical therapy and treatment proved abortive, surgery can be used to treat the disease.
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