What is Aichmophobia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Have you ever notice someone becoming unnecessarily scared of sharp object? Do you just notice that one of your children does not go close to sharp object even when you ask him or her to bring such object to you? If yes, your child might be suffering from aichmophobia.

This medical problem is a form of specific phobia whereby one is scared or afraid of a specific thing or object. In this case, it is a fear of anything that is sharp like needles, pointing fingers, pencils, knifes and sharp end part of an umbrella. In fact, it is a fear of any protruding or sharp corner like building material or contracture, edge as well as edge of furniture.

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Aichmophobia Definition

It is defined as a form of specific phobia where by one is having intense irrational or unnecessary fear over sharp, pointed, or protruding corner.

Some people usually associated with this kind of fear along with trypanophobia, which is severe fear of hypodermic needles as well as any pointed object related to injections and others. Those with this kind of phobia usually pose difficulty when it comes to being injected.  This kind of fear is usually normal in children but can also be noticed in adults resulted to have problem in carrying out routine activities when necessary treatment is not provided.

What is Aichmophobia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Aichmophobia Symptoms

It is always easy to identify the symptoms of this health problem if the person suffering from aichmophobia he or she will show excessive fear on particular object or even showing some kind of nervousness. But, in most cases, it is difficult to suspect this problem when the person suffering from it is trying as much as possible to hide it. Some of the obvious symptoms to look out before suspecting aichmophobia include:

•    Trembling
•    Shortness of breath
•    Palpitated heartbeat
•    Discomfort and chest pain
•    Nausea or stomach distress
•    Fear of death, losing control, fainting or going crazy

Aichmophobia Causes

The truth is that there is no specific cause of this kind of problem or discomfort. But, there are some suspected practical occurrences believed to serve as trigger. One of the major trigger to this kind of medical problem is traumatic experience. Children that experienced serious or severe injury with sharp object usually get specific fear on such kind of object and when the fear go out of control and become extreme it will result to this kind of specific form of phobia. Painful injection and other discomforting medical procedures can trigger this kind of fear in children as well as in adult.

Aichmophobia Treatment

Since Aichmophobia is said to have psychological effect in the life and health of patient, the major means of treatment is always with a psychotherapist as well as mental health. The main objective to consult with psychotherapist is to ensure that the initial causative factor is handled in order to treat the problem from the root.

Apart from the psychological factors, some of the factors that can contribute are hypertension, anxiety etc. So, when this form of specific phobia is caused by hypertension  it can be treated with anti-hypertensive drugs. Also, this can easily be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy or exposed therapy.
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